The word “manifesting” means to make something tangible or readily perceived by the senses especially by sight (this is according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The word can be applied in many ways depending on the context. For our purpose, manifesting can be applied because we want to materialize our desires, goals & dreams that only take their forms in our minds. Oh no, this will not give you the power to control other people because nobody can do that. Each of us was given a free will and we should use that will to make conscious choices so that we will reach our highest potential.

Manifesting is a way of empowering us. It enables us to take charge of our lives instead of just leaving it to chance and fate. It gives us the power to transform our thoughts into something that is real & material to us. If you keep thinking about money, a picture of a dollar bill or a check will come into your mind. Sooner or later this will become an experience for you in your reality. You might see a dollar bill on a billboard or hear someone talk about money. Of course if you only see it or hear about it but not own it, it is of no use to you. You might as well try another way of manifesting it.

Although manifesting is a gift intended to grant our wishes, it will work against us if we do not make a conscious choice of what we are going to manifest. We can manifest even if it is something we do not want as long as we keep the thought of that object or idea in our mind.

Manifesting is an amazing gift that wields power to fulfill our deepest desires as well as our greatest fear, so use it wisely…

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She is a traveler in this mysterious and abundant universe. She owns the website which is a journal of how she has used the art of manifesting in her life. She has found that the tremendous power to enjoy the abundance of this world lies within oneself. Through this website, she hopes to share her experience with conscious creation.