If you put an EEG (electroencephalograph) on your head it is easy to measure the electrical activity of your brain as all the synapses fire their electrical charges, like thunder and lightning going on in different parts. Where there is electricity there is also magnetism, which exists in a field form, like the aura of the body.

The drawback of studying Physics to get at human consciousness is that scientists who write about Physics are trained to look at one event separately instead of seeing the Whole. Human consciousness is so complex and multi-layered that you cannot really get the full picture from physics, or science in general.

It is your own experience of Being and allowing the awareness to relax and expand into the many different dimensions that will get you to an understanding of human consciousness. If you focus on the EEG output, you miss the chemical changes that took place; or if you focus on the chemicals, you miss the changes that took place within the memory crystals within the water of the body.

If you focus on the EEG output, you miss the depth of Consciousness, which goes down the layers from the physical body into the light body and the colour spectrums which exist there. However, you can make the connection to your God Consciousness (the awareness of your nature as God) when you transcend down through the Zero-Point Field to the other side of the veil and beyond into your essence.

This is why I was saying, We Are All One. Everything in the Universe is made of Energy vibrating at different frequencies and acting on combinations of basic elements; it is all connected on many different levels and in many different dimensions.

I cannot see a way for Physics or its related sciences of Biology, Physiology or Neurology to come up with the answers about the nature of human consciousness. It is our own experiences – as we turn our own human consciousness back onto the Self and look deeply at all the nuances of vibration, light, water, and matter which exist in all the various layers of the body – that bring Us to an understanding.

Then one can go beyond into one's light body and through The Zero Point Field, into one's Essence and beyond, in a conscious way, taking oneself out of the physical into the Essence of who one is; one then realizes one's true nature of Being One with the Whole Omni-Verse.

The nature of the Human experience is that we are all individuals; we all have different life experiences to base our knowledge on. We have all realized different aspects of our Self. This is the Divine Dichotomy of the relationship of the individual Part to the Whole and the fact that we are all experiencing different stages of evolution.

That said, I am a firm believer in group consciousness – that, when one of Us gains an aspect of knowledge, it simultaneously becomes available to the whole of Us through intuition or one basic evolutionary programme at DNA level, or gets written in the Akashic Records which are accessible to all; remember, it is all happening in the one eternal moment of Now.

When you are both the Whole and the Part, time and space can get very confusing. But, if you can transcend your Being to a ball of light and notice that you are beyond the bounds of time and space, you get a whole new perspective on life.

I am not basing what I am saying on scientific research, or quoting different experiments. Although these certainly have their uses, they can only give one a fragmented view of life, which is the opposite of the Wholeness and the experience of Being One with everything.

Just a few seconds of the experience (I mean a few seconds of your earth life, but not of the experience itself, which takes place in the Timeless), can change your perspective on Life forever. Consciousness is refining and getting more integrated. Humans are now thinking in terms of layers of matter and energy, which are beyond current physical capabilities to measure or monitor.

The human Being's experience of its Spiritual nature goes beyond science and into the realms of Being. Each of Us has the potential to realize our true nature and experience our Self in our Conscious Awareness that We Are All One.

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