What if you knew that no matter what you did in life, you couldn’t fail? Would that change your mindset towards achieving? Would you approach life with a confidence that you never had before? Would you attempt to do things that you wouldn’t dare try before? You bet you would.

However, the fear of failure holds so many people back from achieving the greatness they were destined for. Fear of failure often prevents people from even trying to achieve. I want you to look at failure completely different from the way you look at it now. I want you to look at failure as just an outcome. If you don’t get the outcome you are looking for then you just change your approach and try again until you get the outcome you are looking for. Look at failure as your friend, because you learn from your failures.

Henry Ford said, “Win or learn, there is no failure.” Use failure as a stepping stone and not a stumbling block. Each failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Each failure gets you closer to achieving the results that you desire. Over time so many people have been so close to achieving their goals but they gave up at the last minute, don’t be like these people.

Don’t get intimidated by failure, get motivated by failure. Get excited about your failures because at least you are achieving a result. This way you are always successful at getting results. Learn from it and try again with a better approach. You must never quit trying, no one who has achieved great success went through life without failing several times. Failure is just a part of the process of achieving greatness. Failure is only bad when you accept it as your final outcome.

So from this point on, look at failure totally differently, look at it as an outcome. Keep changing your approach until you get the outcome that you desire. Stay committed to achieving your goals with a relentless pursuit and I can assure you will always achieve anything you desire. Always look at failure the same way that Henry Ford did, as a learning experience, making you a better and stronger person. Never forget the awesome words of Henry Ford, “Win or learn, there is no failure.”

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Hooman Hamzehloui is a Motivational Speaker. Please visit hoomancan.com to learn more.