About a week ago I had an idea that was the biggest, boldest idea I’ve ever had. It came to me in a flash of inspiration during a visioning session with Darryl, my husband. This idea came from asking ourselves questions like, “How can we make the biggest difference in the world? If we absolutely knew we couldn’t fail, what would we do?”

Very big questions birth very big outrageous answers. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself the same questions. What could you do to make a huge positive impact on the world, knowing that you can’t possibly fail?

When you look at your life with such a big purpose, monumental things are going to happen. Suddenly the mundane things that you were stressing over yesterday seem to disappear and your life is consumed by a greater passion and a bigger purpose.

During the last week while in the incubation stage, I’ve shared our idea with several friends. One good friend commented, “Who are you to do something like this; you’re not Oprah”. At first I was stunned by her comment but the more I thought about it, the more determined I became to make this happen BECAUSE I’m not Oprah! The whole purpose of our idea is to empower others to make a difference in their own way.

If everyone in the world asked himself or herself what they could do to make a positive difference in the world, all kinds of answers would spring forth. The problem occurs when the fear is greater than the faith and those ideas are put on hold because they’re just too audacious, too big and too scary.

Who am I to have a goal this big? Who am I NOT to have a goal this big! I have a good friend that had a huge goal. Instead of questioning herself with “who am I to do this”, she rationalized it by telling herself that someone has to do it, and questioned why she shouldn’t be that someone. She put PostIt notes throughout her house with three little words with one big meaning- “Why Not Me?”. From that, her dream moved into action and within two years she generated over 7.4 million dollars which she donated 100% to orphan charities.

Big things can only happen from big ideas. Those big ideas are gifts, given to us for a reason. And that reason isn’t to put them in our someday bucket along with all the other things we’re going to do “someday”. It’s to take action and move on them today not tomorrow.

Your ideas and your dreams are yours and yours alone. They came to you and not someone else because you’re the one to give them life. Even when you can’t see it, you’ll be shown the way. For with the idea, also comes the inspiration, and from that, the path will be shown.

The fun thing is we don’t have to know the how. I just know that we will. The answers will be shown to us. Friends will rally behind this to help us make a difference. Team members with needed talents will be compelled to join us. I could not consciously line up the coincidences that the Universe will unleash in my path. I’ve already seen it in action and I’ve learned not to question it anymore. And the more that I believe this, the faster it works.

I’m doing my part in following the nudges from that inner voice. I know the Universe is also doing its part in unseen ways that will wow and astound me. Does this mean it isn’t scary at all? No, it just means I’m learning to channel scary into exciting and step off the ledge not knowing where I’m going to land. It means that I know I’m a small piece of a much bigger plan, and I intend to show up and do my part to create the beautiful puzzle of life.

What could you do to make a huge positive impact on the world, knowing that you can’t possibly fail? Go do it!

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