Don’t ever think you know there is everything to know about sex. No matter what you know and practice there is always going to be small things you haven’t learnt yet. I’m sure you have better things to do with your life than trying to learn everything about sex so when you can learn a new tip it definitely doesn’t hurt you.
1. Kissing is one of the oldest expressions of love. You can see it everywhere from a mother kissing her child good night. A grandmother giving her grandchild a good bye kiss or a very romantic French kiss between two lovers.
2. Nobody was born knowing how to kiss so just like anything else you get better with practice. It’s not an easy thing to get a bunch of practice in this so don’t be embarrassed when you’re not very good at it at first.
3. We can thank the French for introducing the act of French Kissing. While kissing has always been a universal sign of love French Kissing or the intimate play of tongues was introduced to us by the western world, from there it has spread around the world.
4. You can’t rush that first kiss with a new girl. You have to make sure that the girl is willing to go for this kiss. If she looks nervous and fidgety then it might not be the right time to go for that first kiss. This might be a good time to give her some space.
5. I would not recommend French kissing on the first date unless you know the date your on is only meant for one thing. Other than that French kissing should be saved for the last or next date.
6. Girls hate when guys shove their tongues down their throats and make it impossible for them to breathe. Therefore you as a guy have to be careful to keep it comfortable for the girl. Remember your sharing a very intimate moment so if you make it uncomfortable the feelings will be gone out of it real quick.
7. If you really want to turn your girl off then come at her with your tongue hanging out. This will turn off even the most promiscuous girl. You have to be able to read her and if the girl is willing to get a little friskier then use your imagination and go ahead and push a little farther.
Most times taking it slow is the best way to go. However if you and your partner come out of a long passionate kissing session tired and exhausted then you are probably headed in the right direction. It means she is enjoying it as much as you and chances are she will go further but remember rushing things will get you into trouble.

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