I see a lot of experts recommending that new online entrepreneurs use pay-per-click programs as a traffic building source to generate profits for their new online businesses. Unfortunately, what they fail to mention is the potential costs involved. Many new online business owners underestimate the potential traffic if they are new to pay-per-click programs and wind up paying much more money than they had planned on. This is particularly true if they are unfamiliar with PPC.

Others who are new to the program choose a very general search term in order to maximize the number of clicks. They mistakenly think that more clicks will automatically mean more money. Unfortunately, this is not true. In order to make money using PPC programs, you need TARGETED clicks. You have to use a very narrow focus to concentrate on people who are likely to need the products that you are offering.

If you focus on the word “ebooks” in your campaign, you will get tons of clicks from people who are looking for free ebooks, but you probably won’t get many buyers for your “ebook maker” product. This campaign will be doomed to failure. But unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs hear about the PPC hype and jump right in without doing the necessary research.

So, if you are new to the Internet marketing business. Do your research before committing yourself to any type of program. Make sure that you can afford the ‘worst case scenario.’ If you are using PPC programs, narrow your focus. Be aware that a higher number of clicks does not necessarily mean a higher amount of profit, but it WILL mean a higher cost. And sometimes it means a much higher cost. So do your research. Your online business doesn’t have to begin making profits in 2 minutes; it’s okay if it takes a little longer.

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