Have you ever lost a sale because a prospect came up with an objection?

It may have happened at the start when they said they were too busy to talk to you or later when they told you your price was too high.

Has this ever happened to you? Has a prospect ever said:

"I have to think it over."

"We have a supplier for this."

"I have to get approval from my boss."

"We really don’t need this right now."

"I have concerns about your ability to do all this."

It’s like someone out there is playing a dirty trick on you. You know your company has great products, great services and compared to your competitors are the absolute best. And you know for a fact the prospect could really benefit from your product or service. But then what happens?

Prospects start doing battle with you by throwing multiple objections at you or by just chucking one simple deal killing objection out there.

You may even have come up with or been given answers to these common objections, but trying to come back with rebuttals is like chasing the horse after it’s out of the barn. It’s usually too late!

The Secret to Selling
When I first started in sales the same thing happened to me. I’d launch into my sales pitch only to find it derailed by the simplest objection. I’d leave, frustrated and wishing I knew what to do to ensure I never had to deal with those objections again so I could close more sales. Have you ever felt this way too?

Then I discovered the simple secret to selling that turned my career and my life around. I discovered how to eliminate objections before prospects ever brought them up so that when it was time for the close, there wasn’t anything in the way of finalizing the deal.

The key to getting in the door and closing more sales is having a system for eliminating objections so prospects never bring them up. It’s that simple!

The Art of Closing the Sale can be learned and perfected.

Selling Is Like Flying A Plane - Or Should Be
Plane crashes are rare. It’s far safer to fly than drive to the grocery store in your car. Why?

The airlines don’t just wait for something to break and then try to fix it when the plane is falling out of the sky, they identify and address maintenance issues before they become problems. It’s not a perfect system, but their overall record of getting people where they want to go is excellent.

For most businesses and sales people the preventive maintenance program is missing from the sales process. You’re stuck trying to respond to objections in mid-flight when in fact it’s far easier to get rid of them before you get anywhere near the closing process.

Keep Your Selling Process in Peak Health
Only a generation ago polio struck fear in the hearts of parents everywhere, and people died often of smallpox and measles, yet you hardly hear mention of these diseases today. Why is that?

People got tired of treating deadly diseases, and thanks to our scientists, came up with quick and easy ways for preventing them.

Selling is just like your health. If you want to keep it from getting infected with deal-killing objections you need to treat them before they ever infect your sales process.

The Art of Closing the Sale

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Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

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