Life is ever changing; as we walk along the path we notice, at this time of Now, that the speed seems to be a little faster. Life is becoming more integrated, whole, and multi-dimensional.

When one talks about the New Energy, it is difficult to put it into words, as the change may be a subtle feeling; an awareness; a slight change in tone of your body's natural harmonic resonance.

As Dr. Masaru Emoto says in his books on water, the two most important words in existence are "Love" and "Gratitude"; especially Self-Love and Self-Gratitude. As you love your self and express gratitude you can feel your energies changing very subtly.

You feel this soft warmth surrounding you. You notice, when you get good at loving yourself, that you are able to charge up your energies through this process. You may feel a subtle tingling in your energies as your spiritual energy comes around.

This charging of the energies is a delight to do. The basis is, turning your own conscious awareness back on yourself for a few minutes every day.

During this process, you may feel or see all your problems resolving themselves, as you relax and become whole. Project self-love, feeling your body from the inside; if you become aware of tension, relax into it.

Allow your awareness to scan through your body; listen to the inner voice, which may set your business agenda for the next day or give guidance about an aspect of your life.

You can do this walking down the street; you may see someone who has a particular tension in the forehead or other stress lines on their face.

As you notice these, scan your own body to make sure that you are not taking them on, and they are not a reflection of your own tension. Just relax that area within your self and feel centred, integrated, and complete.

Each time you bring some tension to conscious awareness and relax it, you are strengthening your Self. This process of building internal integration will give your life more space in your awareness, and greater peace and harmony.

As you become more aware within your Self, you can open new dimensions to your awareness. Become aware of your physical structure at the level of the cells and molecules.

See your energy blueprint – the aura – connecting to each layer of your body. You could do this by being aware of your energy body or light body. Feel the fine particles at the next level; see each molecule being held in the perfect position by the energy body.

Feel the cells held within the organs of the body in the same way; see and feel the whole of yourself multi-dimensionally integrated. See all your five senses reaching out, sensing vibration within the energies of the environment in the same way.

Feel the Astrological influence entering your being from the sun, moon, and planets. Feel the energy coming into your life – all the subtle influences.

The more we bring these influences to the conscious mind and are aware, the more we start to use this knowledge to live a happy, fulfilling life in full awareness and enlightenment.

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Message channelled by George Lockett SSHA, IIHHT (C) Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved.
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