Bet you're wondering what a two year can possibly teach a grown adult about wealth and success right?

If you have children, or know someone who has children, take some time to pay attention and really observe these wonderful little human beings. They know no limits, no boundaries to what is possible and it is because of that very reason that we can learn so much from them.

Just today my two year went up to the pantry, opened it up, and said "Daddy I want some pretzels." A simple request, right?

Seeing as we were getting ready to eat lunch, I told him nicely that once we had some real "nummies" and he ate like a good boy, I would give him some pretzels. On most occasions, this really does work - except not this time. And if you have ever had a two year old in the house, you'll certainly appreciate what happened next.

"No", he said. "I want pretzels now!"

We went back and forth like this for several minutes. Each time, while I remained calm, he became fiery and determined. He cried, hugged my leg, muttered the word "daddy" a few dozen times in that manipulative yet endearing manner which melts your heart. After a while, I couldn't even get a word in. Trying to explain why he couldn't just eat pretzels for lunch is like trying to explain to your dog that he only gets to eat two times a day.

After much ado, he got his pretzels.

Now before you go on and decide that I am soft and that I should have stood my ground, let's really digest what happened and what this episode has to do with becoming wealthy and successful.

It's simple - my son would not be denied. He saw something he wanted and he scratched and clawed and brought out the full arsenal until his "daddy" gave him what he wanted. Failure was never an option. He wanted pretzels and all he focused on was putting everything he had into getting them and lo and behold, he succeeded.

What a valuable and beautiful lesson I deserved to be reminded of by my son - if there is something you want in life, truly want, then what is stopping you from getting it?

Amongst all the mental conditioning we receive growing up and all the limiting beliefs that are instilled in us basically since birth, we have lost that childlike vigor to really go after whatever it is we want until we get it. It really is a tragedy.

Who says that we have to settle in life for a job that we hate?

Who says that we must sacrifice time with our family in order to make money?

Who decided that 97% of the population should live from paycheck to paycheck or worse?

Fortunately for us, we did. And if we decided that all of these things then we certainly have the power to make different decisions and not settle in life, for anything.

You want wealth? You want success? Then go out and get it. Opportunity is everywhere and exists around every corner, it is just a matter of how far you are willing to go and what you are willing to do to get it. Just ask any two year old.

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