Do you wake-up in the morning dreading the day, or looking forward to it? Do you tell yourself, "It's going to be a great day;" or, "Great, it's another crappy day! Why did I even bother waking-up?" The way you approach your day, and the kinds of things you say about your day, and your experiences, determine a great deal of what you will experience -- and the kinds of people and circumstances you attract.

When people ask you, "How's it going?", they aren't asking you for a list of complaints. And, even if they are curious about your health, etc, they don't need your medical records; a simple, "I've been better," or, "I'm getting over _____," will suffice. You really don't want to talk about negative conditions; and you certainly don't want others thinking poorly of you -- which is exactly what happens when you tell someone how poorly you feel.

If you have a habit of complaining, you probably feel justified, or victimized; and you probably have "friends" who agree with your complaints -- or who have the same problems. Do you see what you've attracted? Do you really want a bunch of friends who never have anything encouraging, constructive, creative, or uplifting to say? With over 6-billion people on this planet, are you sure those are the two or three you want to cast your lot with? You can do better; and so can they.

Try speaking of the things you wish to experience rather than the things you wish you weren't experiencing. The difference may seem unimportant to you now; but, when you have mastered this way of thinking, you will notice a tremendous difference in the things that show-up in your life. Then, when you do notice the effect your thoughts and words are having on your experience, you can try making them more "positive" to see what kind of changes prolonged "positive" thinking makes -- and what kinds of things you are attracting then.

You can have any kind of life you choose; but you choose your life day-by-day -- and you create your days one moment at a time. With decisions you make about what you are seeing and experiencing, you are deciding what kind of world you live in and how it is affecting you. Instead of making your decisions based on what you already see in the world, you can make your decisions about what kind of world you will live in based on thoughts and choices you make about things you haven't "seen" yet. You can decide what kind of experience you will attract by simply thinking about it, and deciding that is what kind of experience you're having no matter what happens. Then, you're always having days YOU created; and those are always great days!

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