Memory loss can be due to something as simple as not actively stimulating the brain to more serious medical conditions. However, if medical reasons have been ruled out for your memory loss yet it is still causing active problems in your life you may want to look into ways of improving your memory skills.

Memory loss can affect a person’s livelihood at their place of employment to performing relatively familiar tasks. When memory loss gets to the point where you can no longer function at your norm in both home and work situations you should consult a physician. Warning signs that you need to seek a medical professionals advice regarding memory loss are:
• the inability recall how to perform normal daily tasks
• problems in recalling language, words, or poor fluency in speech due to recall difficulties
• poor or decreased judgment making due to lack of ability to clearly think things through
• difficulties with abstract thinking
• forgetting close friends and families names, faces, or connections

Everyone forgets things from time to time or has moments of the sometimes too common statement “It’s right at the tip of my tongue” but still cannot recall just exactly what is hanging there. When was the last time you went to the grocery store and had every intention on picking up more milk or another item yet totally forgot? This is normal for the most part; however, there are techniques that can be used to lessen the frequency of such situations.

As we age, we naturally begin to lose the quickness in what we once were able to retrieve things from our memory bank. Not everyone ages the same and some may have better recall then others at the age of 40 and up. Part of the reason some may have better recall is that they actively use and stimulate their brain at every given moment.

Living a healthy life also will help you maintain your memory skills longer. A proper diet, exercise and avoiding recreational or illegal drug use and alcohol as well as adequate sleep and water intake will prolong your active memory recall. An active cardiovascular workout also can help improve memory recall up to 30% as well as keep you physically fit.

Another great way of improving your memory skills is by just wanting to improve your memory. By simply wanting to improve your memory, you can actually improve it up to 30%. By just wanting to improve your memory skills, you are actively telling your brain in a sense to pay closer attention to what you are storing. This is a pretty simple exercise, but alone will not withstand time. You would have to tell your brain actively at every given moment you want to improve your memory skills.

Actively using your memory is the best way to exercise your brain and improve your memory skills. There are several techniques one can use to help improve their memory skills such as actively exercising your brain through reading a memory improvement book, playing memory games, doing crossword puzzles, working on organization skills, or simply subjecting your brain to new skills and information. The saying, “use it or lose it” works for every physical aspect of ones body. If you don’t exercise the brain your will lose all it can do for you, just as if you don’t exercise that body you can quickly lose that young looking physique.

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