Often we have a special occasion coming up and want to look fabulous. Then the panic of “What do I wear?” begins. For my special occasion I want a new outfit that fits me perfectly and when I put it on, I feel beautiful! I went to Bonnie, a talented wardrobe consultant at Tres Bon, in Boulder, and hired her to help me find just the right thing. She asked questions about the look I was trying to create. She also asked what was already in my closet and I told her she didn’t want to know. Bonnie was trying to determine what pieces she could use to help me create this perfect outfit, while I was embarrassed at the mess in my closet. I explained that this event was special and I didn’t want anything old cluttering up the new look. As I was looking through my closet and explaining it to her, it hit me.

How often in my life do I clutter up the new because of the old- and not just in my closet? Where am I blocking energy because of what’s in the closet of my mind? We fill our heads with ideas and beliefs that may not fit us perfectly, and then wonder why our life doesn’t look like we want it to. But, how often do we clean that closet?

As I was looking through my physical closet, I found several bags of clothing that I’d purchased over the last few months, thinking that I’d get home and see if I really liked them. Not only were they never worn, they still had their price tags! Again, I laughed out loud. Wouldn’t it be cool if the ideas we’d “just take home to see if they fit us later” would also come with price tags? How much is this mind clutter costing us? How much more productive, happy and profitable would my life be without the old beliefs that don’t fit me now, and probably never will? What’s the hidden cost of not implementing these ideas or beliefs and just storing them for someday or allowing them to take up space that could otherwise be used productively?

What if we used our closet as a physical representation of the clutter in our minds and emptied it of the things that are no longer serving us? Goodbye to the pants that someday will look good. Goodbye to the belief that you’re not good enough. Goodbye to the skirt that will look good when you find the right matching top. Goodbye to the belief that when you lose 10 pounds then you’ll be beautiful. Goodbye to the gorgeous shoes that kill your feet. Goodbye to the belief that you’ll be valuable when you earn over X dollars per year. Empty out the stuff that you no longer need, and more importantly, the beliefs that no longer serve who you are and who you are becoming.

And here’s where the fun begins, for then you get to fill your closet and your mind back up with magic! Welcome the new top that brings out the exact color and the sparkle of your eyes. Welcome the realization that you are perfect just as you are. Welcome the new pair of jeans that were made just for you. Welcome the understanding that you have the power to be, do or create anything in your life. Welcome that little black dress that makes you feel beautiful no matter where or when you wear it. Welcome the knowing that everything in your life is perfect in this moment and is unfolding exactly as it should. Everything.

Until next time, try this for “homework”. First, be grateful for what’s in your closet already, and then go improve upon it. Reach into your closet and look at what you’ve chosen as a representation of how you want the world to see you. Then look at the beliefs that you’re holding on to also. Whether it’s a physical change or a housecleaning of the beliefs that you’re holding on to only in your mind, keep only what serves you and let go of the rest. And remember, your beauty isn’t measured by a dress size or your hair color. You were born beautiful. So feel it in your heart and show it to the world, live strong and make a difference in this world from that place of knowing. Let your light and your unique beauty shine! You deserve it!

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