It’s been said repeatedly that you’d have most of what you want in life if there wasn’t a belief, or more than one, blocking you. One of the biggest blocks for many is the one that says, “I don’t deserve.”

Anyone who’s practiced attracting what they want knows they have to allow it; they have to agree to receive what they ask for. There’s more to it than just that, but this is usually a big factor when things don’t show up or are delayed. Allowing is not always as easy as it sounds. Though I see a difference between the energy of deserve vs. earn, I think they’re intimate partners. If you don’t think you deserve, you may not ask to begin with; yet, you might also think you have to earn the right to ask, as well as to receive.

The Infinite Intelligence doesn’t expect you to earn anything. It does follow energy exchanges, but it doesn’t attach the self-imposed belief that says you have to earn what you receive or that there’s any requirement to be considered as one who deserves; nor, does it use the same value system we do.

For anyone ready to disagree about the earning part, let me explain what I mean. In our human frame of reference, we believe people earn things. That’s our word for an exchange that’s agreed to. You don’t earn the right to make a purchase, you agree to it and an exchange is made. It’s actually the same principle for any job or anything at all. But, I’m talking about going beyond man-made laws to higher laws, the laws that operate everything in existence.

Everything is yours and nothing is yours. Everything you think you own is on loan to you from the Universe. We agreed to create and/or follow rules or laws like gravity and fair exchange so we keep a level of order. We do our best to decide what some things are valued at so we know what to exchange. If you’ve ever heard the true story about the man who was ready to end his life because he could no longer perceive anything good about it, until a stranger smiled at him, you realize it is impossible to impose a value on a life saved by a smile that cost nothing but a relatively small amount of energy on the smiler’s part. And in that brief moment, the value of that smile was and remains priceless.

Whether you use the label of God, Universe, Spirit, or any number of names used today, IT wants us to have, use, and enjoy all. Spirit allows us to impose rigidity or flow on our experiences, and created the quantum field to reflect our deepest-felt conscious and unconscious beliefs so we can look in the “mirror” and see what we’re up to at the inner levels, to have revealed to us the beliefs we’re toting around like beacons or boulders.

We’ve been conditioned to believe we have to be a certain way to be acceptable or deserving, even of love. Most were never taught that we’re a process, much less taught how to consciously engage with this, especially since we’re in process the whole of our physical lives until the moment after our last breath. We also release blocks if we realize the ones who taught us were taught the same ways.

Your true state is whole. You are whole in Spirit. You don’t need to grow. It is your experiences you desire to grow. Nothing about you needs to be changed or fixed, but you may have the intention to experience something about yourself or your life differently. The latter is what you want to hold as your intention so the quantum field reflects this back to you. When you focus on what’s broken, you don’t focus on solutions or resolutions. It’s better to ask yourself how you can be more of what you desire now.

The reason anyone, including some of the biggest Law of Attraction gurus, still experience “stuff” is because stuff happens . . . because life is an ongoing process. Because nearly all of us have baggage filled with beliefs that need to be transformed from beliefs that don’t serve us to ones that do. And you don’t do this once; you do it on an ongoing basis.

When we believe we need to change or fix or eliminate anything, we create obstacles to attaining what we desire, which always ends up being about how we want to feel inside. We don’t mean to add fuel to the fire, but we do. When you think something is broken, you either have your mind on the past (self-judgment) or on the future (self-judgment). You’re everywhere but where and when you are. You’re not in a state of oneness because self-judgment causes you to feel separate from Spirit, from others, and from who you really are.

If you were “out of your mind” and in your truth of process, you’d know this; and like a stream, you’d flow and not feel conflict about the direction you travel or the speed, or even about having to go around rocks or anything else that shows up on your path. But, even such conflict is part of the process for some and can be valued by them if they pay attention to the gift and the gain. The gift and gain are more easily experienced if you release self-judgment and embrace the truth: Love is the highest form of energy. Love your unique self.

I wish you a wonderful day and a day filled with wonders.

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