Life is always a balancing act—isn’t it? Our time gets more and more valuable and minimal as the days pass by.

Having worked with thousands of women over my 16 years in practice and most recently NOW--women are asking, “what’s next?” Now that I’m 40 or 50, how can I make my life richer and more meaningful? “OK,” they say, “I’ve done what I was supposed to do; got married, raised a family, sometimes even a divorce, have a career or business that has provided me regular vacations, some satisfaction, putting my kids through college, etc. The list goes on. Now that I’ve done everything I should, how about what I want? Is this the time to do just that?” You may say you’re afraid; however, you’re willing to do what it takes, but are you?

You might want to ask yourself, “how do I want to live in 10, 20, or 30 years from now.” Do you see yourself as being healthy, fulfilled, and having contributed? What do you need to do today--right now--to make your life rich and happier tomorrow?

And you men out there, reading my regular e-zines, this is for you, too. Maybe you’re good, but how about the women in your lives? Be it your wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, do they want more out of life? No, it doesn’t mean getting rid of you, it means simply having happier women in your life. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it! I have had many a husband thank me for helping their wives become more centered, happier, and most of all, easier to live with. So often, when I put women on a weight loss or healthy eating program, their husbands also benefit tremendously through osmosis. Their wives, partners, and daughters are taking better care of themselves—eating better, exercising more, and are more calm and accepting. It doesn’t get any better, does it? This new way of living rubs off on everyone around them, including their men. What a bonus for everyone concerned.

Yes, women you really do have more power and influence than you give yourself credit for. It can be translated into every area of your life from meaningful work, deeper relationships, more downtime to relax, go to the spa, or travel. You’ll suddenly discover more time, energy, desire, and focus to pick up that paint brush again and create a work of art, go back to school and finally get that Masters degree, train for a marathon (walking or jogging) or even learn the Tango anyone? It all starts with learning how to dream again. Taking steps towards your goals from your imagination, not from a place of what you think you can do but more from what you actually want to do. Go ahead write, collage, or paint your ideal life, or maybe start with something smaller--Your Ideal Day! Try writing down your, and I emphasize, Your Ideal Day and no one else’s

I watched an interview once with Martha Stewart and she described her Typical Day. It had so many elements of My Ideal Day that I thought WOW my fantasy is not that far off. Although, I realize I’m not Martha Stewart, there’s no reason why I can’t have many of the things she’s got going for herself. For one--and she said this was the best part of her entire day: every day in the middle of the day she has her private Yoga Instructor come to her office and give her an hour Yoga class. Then she has a healthy lunch prepared for her. Knowing what I know about Martha; I’m sure she had something to do with that scrumptious meal.

Anyway, I actually had private Yoga instruction myself. When I first studied Yoga, a fellow dancer friend of mine was learning how to teach Yoga and needed someone on which to practice. I was a willing and very appreciative subject. It felt so special to have this opportunity for over four months. It was great and she was excellent, too.

So no matter what it is you want, big or small, dream your dream. It doesn’t need to take forever to arrive either. Look for elements of what you want in your daily activities, in magazines, on the street, even on a bumper sticker. Clues and confirmations are everywhere. Be open and allow yourself to see and then to have the life you want. It’s close at hand.

After I wrote this week’s article I saw a license plate with “Joyager” on it. I thought—yup that’s a sign for me to have more JOY in my life!

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N.

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