Can you think of all the ways we are connected to everything around us? We are connected by the air we breathe. We are connected by the light radiating from what we are looking at. We are connected by sounds we hear, which also flow and touch everything around us.
How could we possibly think that we are separate – when we absorb, and are permeated by, the group consciousness of the housing estate we live on? We are connected astrologically to the stars and the planets and these have an influence on our life.
When we go to war with another nation, we are only hurting our Self – We Are All One. When we exploit the environment and the people of the developing world, we are exploiting ourselves – We Are All One.
Let's choose to make life up differently and move from exploitation to support and love for our fellow human beings.
There is a major shift taking place on our planet; consciousness is becoming integrated and refined on so many levels with our human body. The sequence of cause and effect is becoming shorter and much more visible to us; and it's becoming so much easier for us to make life-supporting choices: it's as if we had a big light shining on our life and illuminating it for us to see clearly.
Our inner voice or inner knowing now knows the most beneficial thing to do in each moment. All we need to do is heed the signals we are getting – to listen to our feeling, our intuition and our dreams; to open our heart energy to its source and feel the divine love flowing through us.
Become aware of the more subtle layers of your being. As you become conscious of them, you start to use their powers. Humans are now thinking on the level of their light bodies and thinking at light-speed. Human consciousness is now using its sixth sense every day to receive messages telepathically.
As consciousness refines even further – beyond the level of light – we are learning to think within the void itself – that vacuum which extends out to the whole universe and beyond into the Omni-verse. We are One with everything.
Our body is coming into a natural balance as the whole universe comes to a point – our soul – and flows outward as the hologram of light flowing out of the void and solidifying into the interference pattern of light that we are; the light waves slowing down and solidifying, as the fine particles merge to form our atoms; these then merging to form the molecules; these clustering and slowing down as they form our cells – and, finally, all coming together to form the human body.
We are a hologram of the whole; so how could we possibly feel we are separate, with all the above-mentioned layers of our body coexisting one inside the other?
As theologians put it, we are a three-fold being:
God the Father – The whole Omni-verse.
God the Son – Our human body, as a reflection of the whole.
God the Holy Spirit – The electromagnetic field of energy which permeates our physical body and forms our consciousness. This field of energy extends out from our body, forming the Aura, and is the energy blueprint which the body grows into.
Human consciousness is no longer fixed within the body; many people are now experiencing consciousness in other dimensions. We are able to go astral travelling, do remote viewing, and travel through our core nature to any part of the Universe – just by choosing to move our awareness there. In reality there is no need to travel anywhere – you are there already on one level or another.
Time and Space are becoming less important in our life; our spirits are gaining the knowledge of their immortality. It seems less important to come to Earth for 100 spins around the sun. We are already free to take our spirit, our conscious awareness out of the body and go off exploring the universe.
What is all the fuss about Aliens and what they might do to us, when they are all a part of our Self? If we can take our conscious awareness to their world, do you not think they can do the same with ours? There is no need to travel – one can just do remote viewing.
There is no energy crisis, as energy cannot be created or destroyed: it is eternal, like you. Let’s love each other, help each other and share the world's resources with the whole of our Self. Let’s find a new way to make up life on this planet, from the perspective of wholeness – We Are All One.

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