“All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures – Brian Tracy”

I once watched the advert of a bank and it opened with a POWERFUL question. What was the question? “When you look into your future, what do you see?” This question caught my attention the first time I watch the advert and I always look forward to seeing it any time it comes up.

This is the same question I want to ask you as we start a New Year. What do you actually see yourself achieving this year? What do you see your life becoming at the end of the year or even your life? If you will ever achieve your dream this year, you will need to train yourself to envision your dream; see yourself as already achieving your dream.

I remember vividly the story that was shared in Walt Disney’s biography. When one of his Dreamlands was being commissioned, a reported went to his wife and was saying how pitiable it was for Walt not to have witnessed the commissioning. His wife turned to the reporter without any hesitation without any hesitation and replied, “Oh, he saw it, and long before we ever did.”

There is nobody that achieves anything noteworthy that has not visualized it in his mind. You will need to see what you want to achieve in the year before you can accomplish it. Whatever you can imagine within yourself, can come to reality if only you can believe the picture you are seeing.

The picture you see every day of this year, will determine your actions and the level of your commitment to your dreams. If the picture you are seeing is blurred, you will not bother to act but if you can see a vivid picture of yourself achieving something worthwhile at the end of the year, you will not procrastinate in acting on your dreams.

The reason most people get frustrated is because the picture they see is that of a person that has been born to lose. They see fate foisting on them poverty and a life of daily struggle. This is not supposed to be. Instead of seeing yourself being frustrated, why don’t you see yourself as a person living his dreams? Why not see a person that is born to win instead?

Your life will be in tune with the picture you see within you. First within and then without is a phrase I learnt some years back and I have always seen it as a truth I need to uphold everyday of my life. If you are a dwarf inside of you, then there is no how you can be a giant outside of you. If you see yourself defeated, there is no how you can win any battle. If you see yourself as a person destined to be poor, there is no how you will see the need to dream BIG.

If you want to experience a change in your life today, there is need for you to change the picture you are seeing. Disagree with the picture of a dwarf and replace it with the picture of a giant. You can become whatever you see in your picture if you are willing to believe what you are seeing. Change your image and your life will experience a tremendous change.

Whatever you think of doing, create a picture in front of you that will show that you have already achieved the dream. If you keep doing this repeatedly, events will begin to happen that will take you to where you want to be in life. You may not be able to explain why all these events are happening but you will eventually see yourself achieving your heart desire.

There is no better person to tell you this than myself. I have used my mental picture to my own advantage on numerous occasions. In 2004, I was at an Internet Marketing Seminar and the mere sight of the trainer arouse my desire and I decided there and then that I will one teach people all I learnt that day. I began seeing myself teaching people about the Internet and to cut the story short that has come to pass. Not only that I now have a relationship with the same man I was listening to that fateful day and we are now partners.

I hope in this year, you will create images that befit your status and will be able to take you to your desired place. You can if you think you can.

This is to your success this year and beyond.

Adebola Oni

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