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In the EARTH meditation we ask for Strength and Healing Energy; you may ask for whatever you feel you need at the time of your grounding. These are your moments to become re-connected, so before doing the meditation ask yourself; What do I need today?

Practicing the grounding meditation will make it easier and you will feel results. You will eventually be able to do it anywhere, anytime.

This is also a great little "awake" meditation you can do to calm yourself throughout the day or to take your mind off of any triggers or cravings.

For example; you have set boundaries for your loved one and now is the time to follow through; ground yourself and ask for confidence and calming energy to engulf you. Or you are in early recovery and your witching hour approaches; ask for strength of mind and serenity to flow through you. Perhaps while in your car someone cuts you off or you're stuck in traffic; ask for patience and tranquility to surround you. Maybe anxiety is setting in before an important meeting at work or a job interview; take a few minutes to ground yourself, ask for confidence, poise and calming energy.

You get the picture, try this technique within your life's realm, change it up however you feel compelled to and notice an improved balance of calmness and energy.

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Jayne is a Qualified Addictions Counsellor and owner of Elements of Nurture. A website created for those affected by a loved ones substance abuse, those seeking recovery and those already on their journey.

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