Having a dream. . . is never enough.

You must apply the appropriate laws of God to bring it to pass.

Joseph had incredible dreams, but violated the Law of Timing and saw his family turn against him in 1 hour! God told him he would be a ruler over many. God didn’t tell him to share the dream with the unqualified.

Sharing your God given dream with those unqualified to celebrate it is an open invitation to be damaged by their sneers and negative comments.

When doubt and unbelief is planted by others into your mind, you now have the burden of trying to remove it. When God gives a Christian a dream for his future, the responsibility to protect that unfulfilled dream is not God’s. . . but ours.

4 Keys to Fulfilling Your God Given Dreams.

1. Dreams Will Often Die At Least Twice Before God Allows Their Fulfillment.
The Bible teaches numerous times God often gave individuals a dream and seemingly let it die twice before resurrecting it.

Joseph was given a dream from God, but within 24 hours, he was sold into slavery. Years later, after being released, he was falsely accused of attempted rape and sentenced to years in prison a second time. Ultimately, he became second in Egypt only to Pharaoh. (Gen 37 & 39)

2. Your Dreams Will Never Come to Pass Without Continually Sowing Seeds of Honor Into Your Present Environment.
Honor is the key that unlocks the doors to your next season. Major doors of access and opportunity are often permanently closed as the result of dishonor you have shown.

3. Your Dream Will Require The Anointing, Favor And Impartation Of Champion Mentors.
The protégé’s success is always determined by his reaction to mentors.

Many. . . have already been where you are going. Who are they? Can you identify them? Have you prepared a list of questions for the uncommon mentors you cross paths with?

4. When I get involved with God’s dream, He gets involved with mine.
God’s passion is people. The Bible teaches us God’s passion is to reach the earth with the message of His son’s death and resurrection for their sins. My involvement with God’s dream unlocks His passion to fulfill mine.

Crave. . . wisdom concerning your dreams.

Reach. . . for the mentors God has placed around you.

God never gives us a dream to watch it die inside of us.

Pray this prayer: “God, don’t let anything live in me that should die and don’t let anything die in me that should live.”

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