Let me start off by asking you a question. Do you ever talk to yourself? When I ask this question in my seminars, I usually find that there are two types of people. There are those who take a few seconds and put their hands up. They quickly realize that indeed they talk to themselves by way of their thoughts. Then there are those who don’t put their hands up but say, ‘I don’t talk to myself, what is this guy talking about?’ If you happen to be in the second category, then I will suggest that you too talk to yourself. In fact we all do. We all talk to ourselves by way of our thoughts.

Your thought is the voice inside your head.

I find that most people spend their lives feeling lost. They are lost in action, lost in life’s dramas, lost in the sea of opinions, lost in the array of distractions, Lost because of surrounding pressures, lost in time and the most lethal of it all, they are lost in their thoughts.

‘When life gets a bit too much, take a moment and step out of yourself’ -Kevin Abdulrahman

In any one moment, an individual will have dozens of thoughts going through their mind. Most are homeless wandering thoughts looking for an address. Unfortunately in most cases these are negative thoughts. These thoughts limit an individual’s potential. These thoughts are not in line with what would take them to their chosen destination, i.e they are not winning thoughts.

Is it any wonder that those with such thoughts have a result far from what they truly desire?

In reality, these individuals are dictating their own results with what is being said in their mind.

After all, you are, what you say you are.

When faced with a challenge what is the first thing that comes to your mind? When faced with a crisis, what thoughts go through your mind? When achieving a huge feat, what flashes through your mind? When meeting a new person to talk about your business opportunity, what do you tell yourself? When entering a relationship what bugs you to bits? When sitting a test, what are you hearing yourself say? When competing for that gold medal or the next Olympic qualification, what doubts are you permitting to shadow your potential?

I want to dig deeper and ask if you ever find yourself in these situations.

Do you ever feel that you are…

Being judgemental of yourself?

Being negative about yourself?

Telling yourself that you can’t build a solid organisation?

Telling yourself that you are not good enough?

Telling yourself that you don’t deserve to have a successful home based business?

Not trusting of yourself?

Doubting your own ability?

Being fearful of what others think?

Seeing a negative ending to a meeting before it has started?

How can any of the above thoughts serve you positively in your life? Think about it? If you are reading this, then you are old enough to have a good head on your shoulders. Now that I am bringing this issue to the forefront and whilst I have you consciously thinking about, take a moment and ask yourself, ‘Do my thoughts serve me well as a person wanting to win the game of my life?’

‘Life will say no to you at times. Your job is to make sure it’s not easy for it to do so’- Kevin Abdulrahman

Most people usually find 99 reasons why things are not going well for them in life. They fail to see the number 1 true reason that is holding them from having imminent success.

Most people set themselves on a path of self destruction. Most people have self limiting beliefs that sit like a throne in their mind. I see so many talented people jeopardize their potential purely because of the way they think. They are their own worst enemy. They are reason number 1. Indeed they are the only true reason. Every other so called reason is an excuse, because for your world to change, you must change from the inside out. This begins with the thoughts going through in your mind.

You can’t think of being unhappy all the time and yet expect to be happy. You can’t think of being poor and expect to be rich. You can’t think that you are not good enough and expect to attract the partner of your dreams. You can’t think that you don’t deserve to have a life where money and time is not an issue and expect to have it. You can’t think that you are second best and expect to be number one.

You are who you are because of the way you think. Your thoughts establish your actions. Your actions establish your results. You are the result of how you think.

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company said, ‘Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.’

If your results are the basis of your thoughts, then what are your results saying about you?

Do you think that a person with A Winning Mind will have different thoughts to the person with a normal mind?

Do you think those who have built a successful home based business have different thoughts going through their mind compared to those who simply try and fail?

Absolutely! It’s a big YES on both accounts

So what can you do about it? How can you control your thoughts? How can you work to attain A Winning Mind’s way of thinking?

First of all it is important to be conscious of your negative and limiting thoughts. By now you certainly should be aware of your limiting thoughts and what you say to yourself. To help with the process I usually have my clients write their thoughts as they come up in a small book. This allows them to become conscious of what is being said by their subconscious mind. It opens their eyes to see how they have been conditioned so far. Many are in fact shocked to read what goes through their mind. Many have exclaimed their disbelief that it is even them. But in writing down your thoughts, you start being conscious of it. The more you do it, the stronger your sense of awareness becomes.

Secondly, you need to know that you can’t simply vaporise your negative thoughts into oblivion. However they can certainly be replaced. ‘Replace them with what?’, I hear you say. You need to dethrone your old beliefs and attain new empowering ones. Replace your negative thoughts with ones that will propel you to achieve, propel you to get your desired results, propel you to winning everyday. By having positive empowering thoughts, you can create the shield needed to conquer life’s daily challenges, take control of your emotions, deflect distractions, and alleviate surrounding pressures.

So instead of being judgemental of yourself, you stop judging and accept you for who you are. You become grateful for your uniqueness and you push to follow your passion to see you to the top. Instead of being negative, you choose to be positive. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do it and that you are not good enough, you tell yourself that you are an able person. You are no different than anyone else, and that you have what it takes to do what you need to do. Instead of doubting yourself, you have faith in knowing that failure is only a lesson and that you can’t lose in the game of life, you can only learn. Instead of fearing about what other people think, you understand that opinions is something that is out of your control, and the only opinion that matters is yours, not that of the majority. Instead of being disheartened that you will never have a successful home based business that can provide for your family’s future, you keep the end reward in mind and remember that the whole process is a like watching a movie. All that really matters is how your movie ends. What happens in between are events that need to occur but your focus on the end reward brings the empowering thoughts needed to see you through the events.

Thirdly, you gain complete control of your thoughts by locking down. You need to lock down your mind for it to open up. You are locking it down from negative thoughts and influences. Think of a time when you were locked down, you were in the zone.

What thoughts were going through your head?

The chances are it was either an affirming thought to keep you charging forward (such as I’M BURNING HOT), or in fact, no thought at all. Your mind was locked down and focussed to be in the zone. This is when you are performing in your peak state. This is your zone, when you feel that you are being productive. You feel that you are unstoppable. Ideally this is where you want to be everyday of your life, locked down and in the zone.

Consciously play out the three tips repeatedly until it becomes a habit. After a while, you will have developed A Winning Mind’s way of thinking and will be doing it subconsciously.

It will be the new you.

Have a Winning Day.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Abdulrahman, Mind Nutrition Expert, is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is an International Author of a series of books under THE BOOK label. He is a world class Inspirational Key Note Speaker, a sought after Mind Nutrition Expert and a Mind Coach to the elite.

Kevin provides customised trainings for his clients that include individuals, universities, companies and athletes, helping them breakthrough to The Next Level.

His book Winning The Game Of Life is being translated and distributed in several languages around the world and has received the support of fellow industry GIANTS, such names as Dr. Denis Waitley, Best selling Author of The Psychology of Winning and a Teacher from THE SECRET, Brian Tracy a Personal Development Guru, Tom Schreiter- A Marketing Genius, Tony Jeary- Coach to fortune 500 companies, Allan and Barbara Pease- The authority on Body Language.

Kevin is constantly being requested to contribute to numerous publications from around the world with his thoughts and tips on the topic of A Winning Mind.

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