One of my memories as a child was the time when I was about five years old and saw someone pointing a gun at my dad. It’s funny that I knew in my heart that my dad would be ok. Normally, a child would be terrified in that situation.

You are probably wondering why my dad would have a rifle pointing at his head about a foot away from his face ? My dad had the gift of gab and could talk his way out of some very tough situations.

My mom and I witnessed the whole incident from the car as my dad was able to gradually calm down the man with the rifle.
As it turned out, my dad was renting his house to a bunch of people who turned out to be affiliated with one of the worst gangs in Los Angeles.

To top it off, they made our home into a drug fest.

After the man put the gun down, my dad and he appeared to be having a friendly conversation, after which my dad just walked away as the man went inside.

As soon as my dad got to the car where my mom and I were, he told us , “Lets get the hell out of here!”. This was said in a calm voice , of course.

My father, like myself, had a great gift of getting out of trouble and even making good friends. He knew people, and he had the intuition to let him know how to handle situations.

In my younger days, and I am referring to when I was around five years old, life was full of surprises and I was already living in the fast lane.

No, I wasn’t driving a convertible and cruising down Van Nuys
Blvd picking up women at the early age of five!

Instead, I was working hard in school. There were many things in my life which surprised me and jaded me which I will explain.

I think this hard life is what caused me to have a closer relationship with God.

I went to school during the daytime. After school was over, I would go to a speech and hearing center for classes. I was born with a speech impediment and learning disability.
However, that didn’t stop me. My father and mother made sure
I had a good education .

They are great parents, and if I had a choice, I would want the same parents watching over me.

I can remember one time that my father was speaking to my doctors.

They were telling my dad that I would never be able to ride a bike or catch a ball. Simple things that kids do all the time. My father and mother would not take no for an answer.

They told the doctors that not only would I be able to catch a ball, that they would have me riding a bike in no time. And in fact, I did learn to ride that bike.
It wasn’t easy, but I, as well as my parents were very persistent.

Everyday I practiced throughout the day and into the evening with my parents beside me, coaching me.
One time when I was learning to ride the bike, I managed to
get my foot caught in the spokes of the wheel. Straight to the hospital I went.

Apparently, I sprained my leg. After it healed, I was right back on the bike.
Little obstacles didn’t stop me. I didn’t care for the pain in my leg, but I was ready to go for it again.
What was scary for me, was my asthma when I couldn’t breathe.

Most of the time at school I was picked on by my classmates. They would make fun of me because I had trouble trying to talk. Groups of kids would chase me out of the school gates. After awhile, you get used to this type of abuse and then try to figure out creative ways to avoid those fun-loving classmates.

I learned never to harbor any resentment in my heart.
You have to forgive the people that have done wrong to you and move on.

You can’t let your anger at the past get in your way of the future.Give it to your angels and move on.

After a long day of school, I would then attend my speech and hearing classes.

In reality, I was in school from early in the morning and would get home around seven or eight at night. We would have dinner and then frequently my asthma would start.

So off to the hospital I would go to get my shot that would open up my lungs.

Most of the time, the asthma was triggered by my allergies to environmental factors such as dust, pollen, etc.

Even though I was in emotional turmoil from the day’s events, my asthma was brought on by environmental issues.

One night in particular , I was having a bad asthma attack and was on my way to the hospital when a drunk driver hit my mom’s car.

The car was in bad shape but my mom and I were ok.
However, I was still having the asthma attack which made my mom have a panic attack.

I calmed down my mom while we waited for the police to show up. Suddenly, a man came up to us out of nowhere and asked if I would
like some coke. He said it would help out my breathing a little bit.

Thankfully another angel was sent to watch over us. Recalling all these events from the past reminds me over and over again how much we are really loved and watched over.

So here we were in the middle of the street with me still having an asthma attack and my mother with her panic attack.
We made a great pair!

Finally the police arrived and asked me if I would like to ride in the police car or would I like to ride in the ambulance to the hospital?

I didn’t want to go in either because at this point I was more worried about my mom.

She told them to take me in the ambulance and she would meet
me at the hospital.

I finally got home around 1:30 am and could lay on the couch sipping hot chocolate while watching Lost in Space on the television.

That was my favorite time of day. It was quiet and I was away from all the commotion. What a great day!
My life was one disaster after another. It wouldn’t be a normal day for me without this turmoil.

Later in my life, I began to realize that I didn’t need all this extra chaos in my life.
I grew up fast because of the extreme situations that occurred in my early life.

One time I was at the Laundromat with my mom.
I must have been around six years old.

My mom was getting ready to wash or dry some clothes.
She started to take some dry clothes out of a dryer that wasn’t being used.

Three women came in and one took me aside and told me that they
weren’t going to hurt my mom too badly.
One of the women was trying to reassure me, but being six years old, her words weren’t any comfort.

My mom then yelled out for me to go get my grandfather. I ran down the street as fast as I could and luckily my grandfather was only about a block away from the Laundromat .

Once I got to my grandfather’s house, my grandmother took
me inside to help me calm down. Meanwhile, my grandfather went to get his bat.

Let’s call it a “ tool of the trade”. My grandfather was a union president for UAW in Los Angeles. He was very skilled with a bat.

So off he went to rescue my mom.

When my mom came back to the house, she was badly bruised.
But the gang of women kept their word.

They didn’t kill her or break any bones, thankfully.

Author's Bio: 

My given name is Richard Spasoff and I have been gifted in this life as a Angelic Speaker, Radio Producer,Angelic Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counseler, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP0399), and Artist

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I also enjoy working closely with our Archangels (Band of Mercy) Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

For twenty five years, I have been a therapist to the underground of society. Wandering the concrete jungle, meeting with prostitutes, strippers, homeless and the criminal organization known as the Mafia, my work has been wide range and has touched many lives some of my experiences I’ve been through and how you can benefit yourself from life’s hardships. Angels speak to all of us. You just have to learn to listen. How do you listen? You need to quiet your body down and use your sixth sense. Maybe, life is too hectic for you. Hard job, demanding boss, small children and a dog named Beethoven sometimes make it difficult for us to slow down. In my talks , I would like to share some of these messages about love, faith, hope and healing. What Dying is like,What does a soul look like,What Heaven is like, My own experience with God and our Angels.

My life has always been one that has unfolded out in front of me, creating a path of faith for me to follow in God’s ultimate arrangement of my life. I never knew where my angels would lead me, but I had some ides of what I was suppose to do. I was put on this earth to help many types of people in need.

Most of my life was shrouded in darkness. Sex, drugs, murder and mayhem were spread out in front of me like a Las Vegas 2.99 buffet of all you would want to consume. To me this situation was living. As my friend Don Adams would say (from “Get Smart”), “and loving every minute of it.” Don’t misunderstand me; I wasn’t involved with this activity. In fact, this activity scared me to death, but at the same time scared the life into me. It kept me alive; giving me a calling to live. My vocation, my passion was in helping people. I was there to help, to pray and to calm down people during their time of crisis. Even though, I was walking in dangerous company, I felt protected by my angels. I felt that I was always guided to the people I needed to be with.

I have been a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner since 1992, which includes knowledge in:


Energy Balancing
Stress management
Swedish and Sports Massage