God said:

What is the good of anything without love? What is the good of the most beautiful mansion without people of love in it? What is the good of a most beautiful diamond ring without a beloved's hand to put it on? What is the use of anything without love? What is the use?

What is the use of teachers without love? What is the use of children getting A's without love in their hearts for knowledge?

When and how was it that love became forgotten? Or, if not forgotten, shuffled aside, pushed back or pushed down, set aside for sometime, not now, but later, as if everything on Earth came before love and love had only a bit part to play.

When did the mind become so supercilious as to trod on love? When did the heart become so subservient to the mind? What has made the mind so great and the heart so backward? What has happened to love?

Of course, nothing can happen to love. Love isn't injured. Love is no less than love. But love has been made to sit in a back seat. Love has been discriminated against and made to wait at the counter of life to watch other matters being served first.

When did love become like an orphan? When did love become Cinderella, relegated to the ashes? When did love come last? When did it become hidden the way tarnished silver might be, stuffed in a drawer. Since when did love get put in the hamper and the cover closed?

When did appearances and performance become more valued than love? When did money?

When did royalty have to dress like a pauper? When did displays of love become more valued than love itself?

When did competition become more important than companionship?

When did folly overtake Truth?

And, yet, even so, love takes you by the hand. Even so love stars in the universe, and will take its rightful place in your Human heart. Even so, love calls to you, and you answer. Your heart is answering Me now.

Your heart beats faster. Like a train, your heart has a cadence, and it says: "I'm on my way, God. I'm a-catching up to You."

Your heart peeks out from the brambles, and it sees more of itself. More hearts come out, and the one cry of the universe becomes:

"Let love come out. Let love come out like the Sun. Let love be famous like movie stars. Let there be billboards to love. Let streets be named love. Let love be foremost. Let love head the line. Let love be served first. Let it be known that, next to love, everything else is secondary. Love is what matters, nothing else. Let love become the world's banner. Let love be passed from one heart to another, and no heart overlooked. Let the world see with the vision of love."

Beloveds, let love flow to and fro friend and stranger alike.

Let there be no drought of love.

Let the skies rain love. Let it pour down and nothing keep it out. Let the world become soaked in love. Let love be behind every corner.

Let love be known for the preciousness it is.

Let love shine above all.

Let love become famous.

Let love be lit.

Let love dissolve war and the die-hard reasons for it.

Let love be given the seat of honor.

Let love be what it is.

May love grow in the Human heart today. May love come out just like the Sun this morning and rise to High Noon.

Author's Bio: 

Gloria Wendroff, a teacher of English and business communications, grew up without religion or thoughts of God. No one would have guessed that she would become a Godwriter and, through God's words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts. Today Gloria receives and sends out Heavenletters every day, gives Godwriting workshops, works on her next book, How to Godwrite, and makes CD's -- all with an ear to the Still Small Voice and bringing Earth closer to Heaven.