Have you ever found yourself stuck in that awful loop of considering weight loss but not taking a step forward? You want to change your life and you keep thinking about it. However, one moment you feel excited about taking some sort of action, but the next moment you feel uncertain.

If you have been thinking about losing weight for quite some time, most likely you have already decided that you would like to have your change. However, as you were weighing the pros and cons, and you came up with some lingering doubts. You realized that having what you want requires leaving your comfort zone. You would need to eat differently, make yourself a priority in your own life, change your lifestyle, and choose new behaviors. Losing weight would take lots of energy and effort.

On the other hand, staying in your comfort zone means that you do not have to take any risks, you can continue relying on your old food habits, and you do not have to take responsibility to make your life any different than it is right now. Your comfort zone is routine and predicable. You get to accept what you have and play it safe. You do not have to take any risks and you will not risk failing.

Staying comfortable has some definite appeal. However, the cost you pay for remaining in a place of inertia is extremely high. Continuing to live in your comfort zone, day after day, year after year, can leave you stuck in a rut of narrow thinking, a lack of creativity, and monotonous actions and habits. Deep inside your heart keeps tugging on you to make a change and reap the benefits change would bring. Resisting your desires or allowing your inner dreams and aspirations to lie dormant can leave you feeling empty, burdened, unfulfilled, or even energetically drained.

If you are ready to move forward yet continue to procrastinate, then most likely your fears of the unknown have had time to grow strong. The longer you wait to take action, the more time you have to worry and stress. You begin to tell yourself, "I can't" and you rationalize your inactivity with excuses. After a while, you start to feel paralyzed by your fears, real or imagined. To overcome inaction, use these tips to unfreeze your momentum and take those first steps into the weight loss you want and deserve.

Imagine Success
Instead of worrying and stressing about all the negatives of losing weight, set aside time each day to envision a new life. Imagine clearly, and with all your senses, what it will be like to live your goal. Relish the sensations of your exciting dream. For example, the idea of losing weight is not very exciting; however, visualizing a new life of your choosing is exciting. Imagine yourself living and breathing and enjoying your ideal life. Touch your body lovingly, breathe in the love for yourself, and feel the safety and comfort of living inside your body. Imagine your body as healthy and active. Every day, make the choice to bring your dream front and center. As you focus on the excitement your dream generates, you begin to feel more energy and more ready to take the next step of your journey.

Act When the Idea Is Hot
Imagining the success of having your weight loss goal will unleash new energy. Be aware of when your idea has gained momentum. Notice when you have positive emotions and your idea seems strong, clear, and powerful. When this happens, follow up immediately! It is time to turn your energy into action. Now, if you hear about a motivational book that makes you curious, go out and buy it. Get the book before the idea passes, before the emotion gets cold. Begin the process. If five minutes of exercise sounds good right now, don't wait until tonight. Don't force yourself to do forty minutes. Go outside and walk five minutes. Tell yourself you did a great job. Feel really good about listening to your inner self and following through. When the time is right, take action.

Move Forward Even Though You Have Fear
Even when you focus on having what you want, even when your energy for action begins to rise, you will most likely still feel some fear. It is normal that a part of you resists change, and warns you to stay where you are. Manage your fear by reminding yourself that fear is a normal part of making change. Take a deep breath, take some action, and the action itself will eventually dissipate the wall of fear. Action does not need to take place in the absence of fear.

Start Small
Sometimes it is difficult to begin taking action because you are overwhelmed by the enormity of what lies before you. Your goal looks HUGE . . . so daunting and complex that you freeze up. It helps to break down your goal into manageable pieces. You probably already do this in other successful areas of your business or personal life. You take something big and chunk it down into bite-sized pieces. You make a list of action steps, prioritize, and separate the "nice-to-have's" from the "need to have's". Then you work the first piece first, eventually moving on to the second, the third, and so on. Soon that overwhelming task doesn't look so insurmountable any more.''

Reward Yourself
One way to motivate yourself to do something when you don't feel like doing it is to offer yourself an incentive. Don't wait until after you achieve your goal to reward yourself, start now. Give yourself small rewards on a regular basis. Take one teeny tiny step forward and reward yourself for 1) remembering that your goal is important to you, 2) for choosing an action, and 3) for following through. Rewarding your efforts and your successes can do wonders for your motivation. Find ways to make the change you are creating as enjoyable as possible. Rewards don't have to be big or expensive, they just have to be something meaningful to you.

Being able to overcome your inertia so you can bring your dreams of weight loss to life one of the best experiences in the world! Take control of your life by practicing these five simple steps and learn how to jump start your motivation and create a happier, more successful life.

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