Weight loss can be easy for some but difficult for most people. Whatever weight loss program you are up to, you need to keep in mind the 5 following points.

1. Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)

When you are at rest, your body still burns calories to maintain bodily functions such as pumping blood to the heart, breathing, liver functions, etc.. Basal metabolic rate is measured when you are not engaged in any physical activity. This rate is not the same for all people and what factors affect it can help you in your quest for losing weight. Take note of the following factors which affect basal metabolic rate.

a. genetics
b. age - the older you get, the lesser your BMR. Your BMR will start to decline when you reach the age of 20. It decreases about 2% every 10 years thereafter.
c. the more muscle your body has, the higher your BMR.
d. the more fat your body has, the lower your BMR.
e. starvation can make your decrease your BMR.

2. Exercise

One important thing to remember when you exercise is that you develop lean tissue and muscles. Which means that your basal metabolic rate will increase. Your metabolism not just increases during the exercise session but also increases your basal metabolic rate. Include weights in your exercise program as it develops muscles and lean tissue.

3. Diet

Many people go on a diet when they are trying to lose weight. Some go to the extent of starving themselves to get those fat out not knowing that it is working against them. The key here is moderation in the food intake. Not too much and not too little. Too much will only convert the excess food to fat. Refrain from eating junk foods as this gives little or no nourishment for your body.

Green tea and other herbal teas seems to be effective for weight loss for some people but not for others. Their antioxidants can work wonders for the body.

There's a couple I know that green tea is very effective for the husband. After two weeks of drinking green tea, he could be back to his normal weight. It doesn't work for his wife though. Now matter how much green tea she takes, her weight never drops.

4. Craving

This is one point that needs a lot of will power. Some people just can't do anything if their craving is not satisfied. Factors that cause these intense desires include imbalance of blood sugar, emotional as well as hormonal. Whatever the cause is, you can work it out with your will power.

5. Sedentary Lifestyle

When you are sitting for more than an hour, the enzymes responsible for metabolism just stops functioning. Standing or moving about can trigger these enzymes to get back to work again. When you are not sleeping, don't sit for more than an hour. Make use of your waking time by burning calories.

You can lose weight

Remember these 5 points and you will be on your way to losing weight successfully. Increase your basal metabolic rate by exercising, your will burn calories more even when you are asleep. Don't eat too much and never starve yourself. Control your craving and make use of your waking time by doing physical activities and not sitting for long periods of time.

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