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This is the third installment in the series on manifestation. It is on the Law of Attraction, which can be masterfully used by understanding and effectively applying the Law of Polarity. Indeed, it’s simplicity begets its elegance, and your success. Enjoy!

“By focusing our efforts to a single point, we achieve the greatest results.
The first rule of success, and the one that supersedes all others, is to have energy...
concentrate it, husband it, focus it on important things.”
Michael Korda

Installment #15
The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be used to facilitate success through a positive paradigm of integrity, ease, enthusiasm and co-creation rather than the all-too-familiar negative paradigm of hard work, struggle, stress and manipulation. This paradigm shift replaces negative posturing and modes of behavior with positive, virtuous ones, emphasizing the inner preparedness needed to produce and sustain outer fulfillment.

To successfully apply the Law of Attraction, it is essential to trust its validity, which can best be developed by knowing how it works. To begin, quantum physicists have come to understand that we “live in a superficially complex universe that is both fundamentally simple and superficially diversified, yet fundamentally unified. At its basis is a single, universal, unified field of intelligence that underlies and pervades us all.” John Hagelin, Nuclear Physicist

This all-pervasive, unlimited consciousness that birthed the universe and everything in it, functions on many dimensional levels, as it lives itself through us and everything. Within this unified field are electromagnetic wave bands that move energy through the void of space, around Earth and through all objects. Frequency - the number of cycles to pass a given point per second - differentiates each band. There are seven such bands, ranging on the known spectrum from radio waves - the lowest frequency, to gamma waves - the highest.

Radio waves are the longest waves, ranging from miles long to shorter than one foot, and carry the weakest frequency and least amount of energy; while gamma waves are no wider than the nucleus of an atom, yet carry the strongest frequency and most energy. The only visible waves are the visible light spectrum, which is the fourth band of seven. It is to this spectrum that our eyes are attuned.*

Scientists currently understand very little, compared to what they will understand one hundred, five hundred, or a thousand years from now. But they do know that everything emits energy, because fundamentally everything is energy... from galaxies and everything in space to you and I and every visible and invisible object. The vibrational frequency of that energy is determined by the consciousness that is projecting it i.e., a galaxy, planet, you and I. Likewise, its specific effect directly relates to the frequency at which that consciousness vibrates.

The Law of Attraction consistently functions because of, and in accordance with, the energetic laws that govern this field of energy and everything in it. It functions because of the attracting and repelling effect of the vibration between things or persons that draws them together or moves them apart. Successful manifestors consciously channel this energy.

“Every person, and all the events of your life,
are there because you have drawn them there.
What you choose to do with them is up to you.”
Richard Bach

How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction functions within the Law of Polarity. It speaks to the intentional use of expansion from the positive pole, resistance from the negative pole, and the non-engagement of neutrality. Force is the exertion required to expand and take action; resistance is the exertion required to contract and inhibit expansion and action; neutrality is the state of no exertion.

The Law of Polarity asserts that everything is dual, with a pair of polar opposites that are identical in nature, but different in degree; that extremes meet, in that like and unlike are essentially the same; that all truths are but half-truths... which creates endless paradoxes.

This means that polarity distorts and skews perception, which creates inaccuracies, confusion, biases and contradiction. Hence, we constantly make choices from misunderstandings of what we think is happening. The consequences are confusion, separation, rejection, dissatisfied choices, missed opportunities, mistakes, costly consequences, losses of all kinds, disappointment, regret, pain, addictions, an untimely death, and on and on. Until all paradoxes are reconciled, we endure unstable lives that result from excesses of action, neutrality or inactivity. Understanding these aspects of polarity frees you to pay careful attention to what you think is, and isn’t happening, and make wise choices accordingly.

The power of one pole generates and requires an equal force in the other and hence, extremes of any kind cause a swing in the opposite direction. Understanding this enables you to pay careful attention to your mental, emotional and physical states and actions. It guides you to be careful not to allow extreme reactions, so as not to cause unwanted swings and disruptions in your stability and ongoing functionality.

It also guides you so that when extremes are inevitably triggered, such as a sudden death or an unexpected “stroke of luck”, you can respond without disrupting your stability or triggering extreme reactions. Instead, you can maintain stability and continued functionality so that your state of mind and vital daily activities and agreements can continue in tact. This is a relief to know, because sometimes we just can’t take the time to indulge in emotional reactions!

"Our separation from each other is an illusion of consciousness."
Albert Einstein

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is initially activated by a need or desire experienced by individuals and by groups - small and large, from families to teams, organizations, countries and even humanity-at-large.

It assures that you will attract the energetic equivalent of what you put out. Therefore, to consciously partner with this Law:
• Be clear about and devoted to what you intend.
• Adjust your frequency to match the energetic quality of what you intend i.e., joy, love, peace, etc.
• Take sensible steps toward its fulfillment, let go, and allow it to develop.

To this I include these key additions:
• Remain detached from specific timing and outcome. Sometimes the wisdom of the bigger picture will bring something even more appropriate than you can imagine.
• Live, think and feel that it is already real; trust that it is developing in the timing that honors you and everyone involved.
• Feel ever grateful that you are receiving it.

Applying the Law of Attraction

Quite honestly, you want something because you experience its lack; yet by experiencing lack, you are not in energetic accord with it. Lack results from the low frequency negative perception, thinking, emotion and behavior that blocks your flow. Perhaps you are afraid you can’t handle what you want... you won’t know what you are doing... you will do it wrong or won’t do it “right”... you can’t attract what you want, something will go wrong... As a result, you can feel contracted, overwhelmed, resistant, anxious, stagnant, low energy and enthusiasm or even depression. These low frequency states cause obstacles and delays, which engender impatience and sometimes the desire to exert force. No matter “how hard you try”, your desire just won’t manifest. Or, if it does, it might appear to be what you want, but will ultimately carry an energetic quality that matches your low frequency, and cause complications.

All negative states indicate that you are allowing the Law of Polarity to run your life. Unless you prepare yourself by transforming negativity to positivity, you will continue to block your ability to receive what you want. Or, if you do manage to attract more, you could become overwhelmed and resistant, withdraw and give up under the stress. This will lower your frequency, and your progress will be impeded, complicated or stopped altogether.

“True success is relatively effortless because it is likened to the magnetic field created by an electric current running through a wire. The higher the power of the current, the greater the magnetic field it generates. And the magnetic field itself then influences everything in its presence. The ultimate choice, really, is whether to align with a high energy attractor field or a low energy attractor field.” David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Successful application of the Law of Attraction is a conscious and resolute endeavor. It entails more than imagining what you want, repeating well-articulated affirmations or pasting awesome pictures into an elegant collage. These certainly can be part of the process, but there is much more.

First, you must believe that the quality of your life is a manifestation of your perceptions, thinking, emotions and behavior.

Second, whether you want to acquire something you want, or remove something you don’t want, you must transform your negative states. To do so, you must be absolutely committed to transforming conditioned resistance, struggle, separation, undeservingness and lack into the positive states of truth, virtuous integrous living, ease, connectedness and abundance.

Third, use the Law of Attraction for internal as well as external success by integrating your mental, emotional and spiritual needs with your material desires. Excluding the internal to focus on the external will block your energy and your wholesome, ongoing flow of life.

Fourth, believe that you have a right to fulfillment and freedom, and trust that your life can abound with possibility and success.

Fifth, make sure you are ready. Read and reread this chapter until you understand how to use the Law of Attraction. Believe it. Prepare your life i.e., organize it to be ready for what you intend to attract, so you are certain you can easily accept the added presence or “weight”. Raise your frequency to energetically align with what you want. When you faithfully follow these steps, you experience trust, and your life will change accordingly.

You know you are in energetic accord when your perception, thought, emotion and behavior harmonize with what you want. This means you are vibrating at the frequency required to attract your intention. This reflects in your competence, creativity and stability, your relationships, career and health, joy and abundance. As you successfully progress, you feel effective and viable, and your life prospers. Oh happy day indeed!!!

1) How have your ideas, perceptions, or feelings about manifestation developed or changed from completing this activity? What will you do as a result?

2) Recall and describe the fears, resistances, or limiting perceptions that you experienced while completing this activity. List them in priority order and explain what you are ready to do about them.

3) Reflect on the activity's important points, and describe how you feel empowered.

*Waves - The Electromagnetic Universe by Gloria Skurzynski, National Geographic Society.

Copyright, 2003, Marianne Weidlein

"In a real sense all life is inter-related.
All persons are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,
tied in a single garment of destiny.
Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.
I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be,
and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be.
This is the inter-related structure of reality."
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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