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This installment begins a series on manifestation, which I excitedly share with you. Each installment is a chapter, or several parts of a chapter from The Passage to Freedom.

Now, more than ever, in order to succeed and live joyously, we must know how to effectively manage ourselves to achieve the results we want. Very specifically, effective self-management means becoming conscious stewards of our magnificent and unlimited powers: our perception, thought, decision-making, emotion and behavior. It means conducting ourselves to match the quality of life we want - living as if we already are that which we want to become. This series explores how to do that.

A recommendation, however, is that you focus on freeing yourself of negativity, including judgment, blame and assorted negative behaviors. It is essential to remember that as you apply the Law of Attraction to your sublime vision, you attract your energetic equivalent.

"Our dreams will all be realized from the time that we know that Imagining Creates Reality - and Action.
But Imagination seeks from us something much deeper
and more fundamental than creating things:
nothing less indeed than the recognition
of its own oneness with the Source and Creator of all Life;
that it is, in reality, this Source itself doing it in and through Man who is All Imagination.”
Neville - The Law and the Promise

Installment #13
Who Runs the Show?

Universal law. Since we live in the universe, we are bound to its multi-dimensional laws, just as we are bound to the laws of our countries, states, counties and cities. Depending on dimension, there are many universal laws. However, for the purposes of The Passage to Freedom, only two are included. They are emphasized because knowing how to successfully live within their influence is essential to achieve liberation, success and freedom.

These are the Law of Polarity and the Law of Attraction, and differ in this way: The Law of Polarity describes the dynamics of physical and energetic containment, neutrality and expansion required to create, maintain and expand within this 3rd dimensional universe of form and structure. Related to the Law of Polarity, the Law of Attraction describes how to use the Law of Polarity to consciously create your life.

Liberation is achieved by knowing how to manage yourself within the dynamics of polarity, and in particular, liberating yourself from the ingrained, victimizing dominance of the negative polarity. Success and freedom are achieved by knowing how to apply the Law of Attraction. In other words, you become the master of your life by releasing yourself from mere existence within the Law of Polarity, ignorant confinement within the negative polarity, and skillfully using the Law of Attraction.

Lasting change is achieved by choosing to stop doing something that produces unfavorable consequences, and replacing that practice with one that yields favorable results. Hence, liberating yourself from negative dominance is the first choice toward liberating yourself and delivering yourself to freedom.

This means that you are making a conscious choice to shift from a conditioned alliance with the negative polarity to an intentional one with the positive polarity. In the process, you actually recondition your brain to function primarily from the positive polarity. The negative function is temporarily chosen only to resist expansion until further movement is called for. In time, this transforms your brain into a resolute tool for creation. Your next choice is to develop a purposeful, ongoing application of the Law of Attraction.

The following chapters introduce each of these Laws, beginning with the Law of Polarity, and followed by the Law of Attraction. You may find some repetition from Installment #4 on polarity. Even so, it’s a good reminder and provides a necessary introduction to the Law of Attraction.

Copyright, 2003, Marianne Weidlein

“Each one of us is supported and enlivened
with all the intelligence and energy in the Universe.
All the power in the Universe is always available to us
in our process of self-expression.
As we listen, we hear it not necessarily as a voice,
but rather as a feeling, as the urge to express.
As we believe in the urge, it manifests through us,
and as we maintain an active, alive relationship with it,
by our consent, the power and volume that flows through us
necessarily increases.

The first step is to trust the urge and believe
that the law of manifestation is true.”
Inspired from “Creative Living,” Science of Mind Publications

Transformational Facilitation

Do you follow a uniquely personalized course... compelled by a powerful drive for uncommon achievement and fulfillment... feel called to participate in humanity’s shift in consciousness, now, more than ever?

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The only restriction to the effectiveness of this technology is a failure to apply what is learned. Thus, positive, lasting results are assured.

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Marianne Weidlein, author and transformational facilitator, combines her 35-year background in human potential development, spirituality and self-employment to help groups and individuals achieve success. Her expertise is self-mastery, co-creative relationships and self-employment. For the past two decades, she has facilitated innumerable programs of varying sizes and formats to thousands of individuals and partnerships, using her techniques and curriculum.

Marianne holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Her books are Empowering Vision For Dreamers, Visionaries & Other Entrepreneurs; warm liquid life and her forthcoming The Passage to Freedom, based on her transformational facilitation program.

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