Healing means being able to let go, to move forward and to grow with the conditions life provides for us individually and collectively. The real meaning of health is balance and adaptability, a positive picture of the present, and confidence to embrace the future in its uncertainty. Within this the perspective of past, present and future is based on the acknowledgment that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes. It implies that the timeless soul essence of every person possesses inherent knowledge of its individual past and past life experience. Consequently, the evolutionary healing path is a journey with many chapters. The previous chapters are held in our subconscious memory bank, and in the cellular memory throughout the body. They influence us in our present experiences, and in our outlook toward the future.

The future can only be understood from the point of view of the past. This means that rather than opening up to new thought forms coming in, we orient ourselves on the old and familiar ways to see the world. Needing self-consistency and predictability in order to feel secure is intrinsic to human nature. However, no change is possible in this way, as we are perpetually recreating the past.

Western philosophy/religion has embraced an image of the Source as perfect, while human beings are seen as lacking perfection. The concept of original sin along with the notion that humanity has separated itself from God or Goddess caused a loss of inner authority. It is as though we were constantly looking backward in reflection, asking ourselves what we have done wrong. Guilt permeates the collective unconscious in ways we cannot even recognize any longer. This generated the thinking that there is something wrong with us human beings to begin with. God became this intimidating male figure in the sky that judged and punished from his lofty place of cold detachment. It resulted in thinking and feeling that we are less than what we are supposed to be. People became obsessed with looking backward toward the past, trying to find out what they did wrong or how to fix it. At the same time they gave away their personal power to an outside source, while codependency was enforced. Because they were no longer thinking and acting from an inner knowing of the non-severable unity with that which created them (God or Goddess), it was easy to lead and control such people. The individual became conditioned to taking a victim’s stance, accepting his or her situation in powerless passivity.

The subconscious guilt we carry from thinking that there is something inherently wrong with us, and the resulting investment in victim’s consciousness will remain, unless the philosophy and understanding about the nature of Creation and our relationship to the Source undergoes a metamorphosis. Instead of asking: “Why is this happening to me?” the question needs to become “Why may I have needed to create this?” By accepting the divine creative principle as part of our own true nature, we re-discover our authority. Inner security and self-reliance can then replace powerlessness and the need for codependency. Through this act of self-empowerment we are able take responsibility for outer circumstances and inner reality.

When we agree to take charge of the realities we create and experience, a journey into new forms of being is initiated. The need for judgment based on perfection becomes obsolete. This generates compassion for self and other people, as well as for the nature of the world in its present state. While accepting that we are part of something bigger, the path towards self realization is experienced in collaboration with the totality of Nature we call God or Goddess. Resistance to this process is felt as anxiety, stress, and tension. It is also experienced as lack of trust, compulsion, problems in existing relationships, and an array of physical symptoms and conditions that are lacking successful diagnosis.

The reason for evolutionary healing to be of such importance at this point in time is related to the fundamental changes that are manifesting on our Planet. Presently the very structure of the atmosphere is disintegrating, our water systems from creeks to rivers, lakes to oceans are polluted, and our food supplies are contaminated. Modern civilization has caused these imbalances in a relatively short amount of time. Things are moving toward an increasingly inevitable cataclysmic global breakdown.

For many, many thousand years people have lived in relative harmony with the natural resources within and around them. Healing was a shamanic function, where the forces of construction and destruction were carefully examined and weighed against the apparent imbalance or disease. It was a way of seeing all of life as totally conscious and interrelated. Only in relatively recent historical times has Western civilization adopted this notion of judgment based on seeing human life as separate and superior to the rest of Creation. In the same way as we accepted the assumption that the Source is outside of us, and we are inferior to It, we developed a consensus belief that nature is here to serve us. This stance of dominance and submission could not be further from the truth. Without the natural balance, equality, and respect for all life, humanity would have never lasted as long as it evidently has.

In this time old patterns are coming to conclusion, and new patterns are randomly emerging. This requires the courage to let go of old, familiar ways of thinking, behaving and acting. By gaining confidence in the process of becoming (evolution), we can allow the changes to unfold naturally. The core of this process is a gradual shift from artificial paradigms to natural principles. If we can embrace these new and challenging ways, we will find the courage to let go of the past and build a solid foundation in the present moment. This may create a shift from the increasingly inevitable cataclysmic breakdown to a more gradual process of evolution.

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Katharina Wehrli MA, CAGS, RPP is a healer and teacher. Her practice is based on an approach she developed over many years of working with clients. Katharina is also the author of “The Why in the Road - Soul Healing for Changing Times”. For more information visit www.earthlit.com.