Here we go with Week 3 Player Rankings. Check out this article for more information on American fantasy football!


1. Tony Romo at GB. Gonna occupy this week every week until Manning starts producing TDs.
2. Jay Cutler vs. NO. Really blossoming into a point producer.
3. Drew Brees at DEN. Like Manning, needs more TD tosses.
4. Aaron Rodgers vs. DAL. Frighteningly accurate this season and faces a weakened and tired Dallas secondary.
5. J.T. Sullivan vs. DET. It has been 12 years since a 49er QB has been ranked this high, but Steve Young could step behind center this weekend and torch Detroit for 300 yards and 2 TDs.
6. Philip Rivers vs. NYJ. With a hobbled LT, Rivers turns effectively to the air.
7. Peyton Manning vs. JAX. Needs a healthy Clark and an effective Harrison to put “normal” Manning numbers up.
8. Eli Manning vs. CIN. Could throw all day left-handed and put up good numbers against a horrible Bengals squad.
9. Donovan McNabb vs. PITT. Only reason so low is he is coming off an exhausting MNF game in Dallas. Really in a groove right now.
10. Jake Delhomme at MINN. The Vikings are easy to throw on and Steve Smith wants a big return after suspension, ala Brandon Marshall.

Running Backs

1. Adrian Peterson vs. CAR. Maybe Gus Frerotte can open up the passing game a bit. If so, watch AP have fun without an 8-man line to run through.
2. Frank Gore vs. DET. Atlanta ran for 300 yards against the Lions. Come on!
3. Brian Westbrook vs. PITT. This guy is a joy to watch. He brings it every week.
4. Clinton Portis vs. AZ. Having a great start to the season.
5. Michael Turner vs. KC. Should bounce back against a Chief’s team that gave up over 200 yards rushing to a terrible Raider offense.
6. Marshawn Lynch vs. OAK. Oakland’s defensive strength is not their rushing defense.
7. Larry Johnson at ATL. LJ should get the ball enough this weekend and beat up a suspect Falcon DL enough to break 100 yards and a TD.
8. Julius Jones vs. STL. Julius enjoyed his feature back status last week, even in a loss, so much so that he hasn’t been able to sleep all week knowing he gets to do it again this week against a horrific Rams defense.
9. Willie Parker at PHIL. With a banged up Big Ben, Fast Willie will be called on to shoulder the load this week.
10. LaDainian Tomlinson vs. NYJ. Slowed by Turf Toe or not, LT needs to make the Top 10 as long as he suits up.

Wide Receivers

1. Terrell Owens at GB. T.O. loves playing in Lambeau almost as much as he loves himself.
2. Brandon Marshall vs. NO. Brandon made up for a lost week last week and gets to face a secondary that the Redskins shredded.
3. Steve Smith at MINN. The Vikings can’t cover anyone and gets to face a guy who had to sit out 2 weeks after missing his starting QB for almost all of last year.
4. Reggie Wayne vs. JAX. Double-digit points every week.
5. Calvin Johnson at SF. Maturing into the player everyone expected this year.
6. Anquan Boldin at WASH. Warner just loves to throw to this guy.
7. Larry Fitzgerald at WASH. Warner just loves to throw to this guy when the defense decides to key on Boldin.
8. Santana Moss vs. AZ. Found some good rhythm with Campbell and the Cardinals have no one that can cover him.
9. Greg Jennings vs. DAL. Dallas can’t defend the pass and are now without one of their best defenders, Roy Williams.
10. Randy Moss vs. MIA. The Dolphins was burned for big play after big play last week. Do you think Moss needs a big play right now to make him happy?

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