Blogging is now a trend these days. It is a form of making a journal online and it is very popular because it is easy and very inexpensive. Wedding couples are fond of making wedding blogs because it is a form of sharing the engagement memories.

Another thing that made blogging very popular is the fact that anyone of all ages and culture and open an account and have their blog in minutes, without having to pay for anything. Most of the blog provider web sites offer it as a free service. There are no expenses involved, as compared to developing your very own website. It is also low maintenance and does not have to be stuffed full with different kinds of things.

Nowadays, many couples who are planning their wedding are interested on making a blog about it. Contrary to making a whole website that is high maintenance and could be quite costly, there are free blog sites that have easy steps on making a blog. Wedding couples are quite fond of building up a blog about their wedding plans up to their wedding events in order to share the world over their memorable experiences.

In an attitude of sharing to the world their very own experience in planning, preparing for and realizing their wedding, most wedding couples around the world find it worthwhile to blog. Somehow, they hope that they could contribute with some ideas according to the lessons they have learned through their relationship, wedding plans and even, honeymoon. Meanwhile, there are also a large number who posts blogs and photos for their own personal desire of having a digital memorabilia.

Whatever your purpose, both you and the others who would read your wedding blog benefit both ways. So, how do you start a blog? First, you need to find a manageable blog provider web site. The best examples and most widely used are the.

Remember to regularly update your blog - as much as possible maintain a one post per day attitude! You can start by sharing your love story, your meeting and first impressions - the works. You can also discuss what your individual hobbies are and what you both enjoy doing. You can also share pictures of your previous jaunts.

What should you post? It would be fine to focus only on your wedding plan and preparation experiences. However, if you would like to make it a continuous blog, then you might like to be more profound and go back to your meeting, your courtship, relationship, even lovers' quarrels! Then you might like to share about the proposal, the engagement, and the present status of your wedding plans.

It is great to personalize your wedding blog by posting photos, videos and even background music. You might also learn, by and by about web applications and how to personalize your blog using such. Do not forget to share the highlight of your wedding ceremony, even a video, if possible!

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