Self Web hosting administration is a choice that inevitably has to face each webmaster as their sites grow and attract more traffic. Here are a few factors that you should consider

Whether or not you choose to administer your own web hosting plan will depend on many factors and considerations on your part. Most website owners are more concerned with creating the site and running their business, while occasionally adding content and enhancements to their site. For them, the site is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

It is often the case then that they have either little interest in, or time for, technical administration duties like database management, testing backups, email administration, disk space management, applying patches and bug-fixes and all those other jobs involved in site administration.

Of course, cost always plays a major role in deciding on the type of web hosting plan to choose. Especially for a small startup business, paying a technical assistant can be out of bounds budget wise. The fees charged by technical consultants can be as little as a few dollars an hour (but at this extreme, they are likely to be relatively unskilled and will most definitely not provide or render a quality job) to more than $100 an hour. On the high end, this can simply be too expensive for a lot of small businesses.

Hiring permanent employees to perform these duties generally costs somewhere in the middle after considering their salaries, taxes and so on. Often, these functions can be incorporated into a web hosting package. This is cheaper than hiring a consultant, but keep in mind that such a web hosting company employs staff that has plenty of servers besides yours to think about. As a matter of fact, some of those really established and busy companies may have hundreds to deal with. They are likely to give too much individual care to any one server or website.

Newer website owners are sometimes intimidated by the technical web hosting terms or nature of server and site administration. However, just a little familiarization with the subject reveals that it is less complicated than you might think. Many administration tasks are fairly simple and repetitive in nature. You can learn these skills without too much trouble. Try using a free web hosting company or a test site to hone your admin skills without losing anything except of course a little bit of your time.

Once you've tackled this learning curve, you may find administration of your server and web hosting plan not so much of a challenge. Some even find these tasks to be enjoyable. The site owner who is also an administrator has far more control over the finished product – and many like being able to point to the site and say - I did that with a sense of pride. Some webmaster like that so much that they decide to do so for the long term.

This hands-on learning also will enable the site owner to be better able to judge the technical skills of any new technical staff or consultants taken on. If you've had to perform a task yourself, it is much easier to evaluate someone else's performance of it.

Each site is dependent on many different things, a lot of them entirely behind the scenes which must keep on running in order for your site to perform at optimal levels. Whether or not you decide to administer your web hosting server side and other web hosting tasks will depend on whether you possess the skills and have the time and will to do so. This is the kind of cost/benefit analysis that you undertake in every other aspect of your business.

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