Companies are increasingly offering some form of workplace financial education as part of their employee benefits program. They recognize the long-term intrinsic value of such a service. Some other key benefits to offering some form of workplace financial education include: Increasing participation in and contributions to 401(K), 403(B), and other retirement plans, helping employees improve their personal financial wellness, and increasing employee loyalty and morale.

To expand organizational options related to workplace financial education, eFinancial Portals, a division of Strativia Software works with companies to build branded financial education web portals and other web-based resources. These portals are accessed from the company’s intranet and are not available to the general public. These workplace financial education web portals serve as a platform to achieve specific educational initiatives, reach specific target groups, and as a public relations medium.

eFinancial Portals branded portals are creative and user-friendly with a focus on financial literacy, retirement planning and preparation, and investor education. Our workplace financial education web portals are designed to speak a cohesive message to your people. Providing the most current content along with interactive tools, assessments, surveys, calculators, and other resources helps ensure your employees find what they want when they need it.

Tools like those offered by eFinancial Portals help employees to place more importance on managing their money starting now. They learn to establish a spending plan, develop an emergency fund, understand investing, and implement a concrete retirement plan. The benefits of financial education web portals will positively affect these employees for a lifetime.

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