As humorous as it sounds creating wealth is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Building wealth of any

substantial amount takes basic principles and disciplines.

Let me be the first to say that creating wealth is the boring part. Yes it's true that if you feel like

analyzing stocks charts or facing tough decisions with evicting nonpaying renters, running around

trying to find that one good deal that you heard about in the paper.

If you like dealing with phone calls in the middle of the night because the water heater blew out or

the toilet is clogged. Worse yet you get that call in the middle of the day from your financial

analyst that you lost enormous amounts due to a bad trade in the market because they didn't see

it coming.

If these are issues that you are interested in by all means have at it. However if it's long term

stress investments that you are seeking, look no further.

Building wealth is as simple as laying the foundation, setting the boundaries and playing by the


Laying the foundation requires a very basic understanding of the pillars of wealth.

The first pillar consists of you, your health and your wealth.

The second pillar comes from structure and organization.

The third pillar comes from knowing your investor makeup.

The fourth pillar is choosing the right investments.

The sixth pillar is the knowledge of time value of money.

The seventh pillar is execution of decision.

The eighth pillar is calculating risk.

The ninth pillar consists of monetization and maintenance.

The tenth pillar is tax strategy.

The eleventh pillar is your asset protection.

The twelfth pillar is your exit strategy.

To build great wealth is a due process. The preparation it takes to exercise the building of a

house or large building is the same. You must have a plan and lay a solid foundation. Then only

can you begin to build strength and momentum in a vertical upright position.

If your financial foundations are weak then your entire house built out of credit cards may come

crumbling down right on top of you. However if you lay out a solid foundation of money

management your sure to be a success.

Plan for two lives right from the start. You need a short term financial plan as well as a long term

retirement strategy. You also need to keep an alternate and impartial view when it comes to your


Never mix emotions into your investment strategy. Never follow the crowd, by the time you hear

about it's usually to late.

Learn about the alternatives no one else is talking about. Why do you think the richest men in the

wold aren't speaking up about their own personal portfolios?

The IRS has specific guidelines you can use to place real estate into your IRA and other qualified

plans. Only two percent of all retirement funds are invested into real estate.

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