This is the one true statement that we can all say about anything. This is the one true statement that we can all agree on (I hope so anyway). "People get what they put out". If you put out negative thoughts, you're going to attract negative things. If you put out positive thoughts, you will receive positive things. If you put out love, you will receive love. If you put out jealousy, you will receive more things to be jealous about. If you're always putting out your frustrations, you are going to receive more to be frustrated about. It's as simple as that.

If you want to attract true love, make sure that you first put out feelings of true love. If you want to attract more money, make sure you put out feelings of happiness of the money you already have. Even if you don't have much, grab a hand full of pennies and put out thoughts of happiness over them. If you find a penny on the street, don't get upset over the fact that it's "just a penny", because it's more than that. It's the first of MANY PENNIES if you put out happy thoughts over it.

If you're wanting your ex to return to you, it's going to take more than "positive thinking" and love spells if you wish to truly have them back. You must not feel any anger, jealousy, or frustrations concerning them. Although I know it's hard not to, by feeling thoughts like that, you will be attracting MORE reasons to feel anger, jealousy, or frustrated. When thinking of that person, you must only think of them while at the same time feeling "happy" and "loving" thoughts. You will then be putting out to the Universe that you wish to receive more reasons to feel happy and loving for this person. The Universe will eventually bring them back to you if you do it right. I know many people often ask if "it's possible to attract a specific person to you". The answer is "yes", but you have to make sure you do it right. Remember, "You get what you put out".

In summary, we don't always get what we "want". We get what we "feel". Even if we want something, we must put out positive feelings concerning it. We must associate the things we want in our mind and heart with positive thoughts. If we want money, we have to feel happiness over every penny we obtain in order to receive more. IF we want love, we have to feel happiness and excitement over the person (or type of person) that we want to attract. Just saying "I want more money" or "I want love" isn't going to cut it. We must *FEEL* happiness concerning money and love and we must put that happiness out to the Universe.

We must not allow our selves to feel "lack". We must not allow our selves to feel frustration or anger or emptiness. We always get only what we put out, no more and no less. If you aren't attracting everything you want in your life, start feeling more happiness and thankfulness for what you do have. Only then will you attract more.

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