Have you ever seen the wind? Think about it. The wind cannot be seen. We become aware of the wind through its affect on the objects around us. The swaying of the grasses, bushes and trees. The flight of leaves, and dust. The waves of the sea. Its sound as it rushes through small spaces. The feeling of pressure and coolness on our skin.

In the same way, we cannot see the Divine. But Its presence is very obvious through Its effect on creation. The mere existence of creation and life itself is evidence enough that there is a Great Power in the Universe. The presence of a Divine power, a Divine intelligence reveals itself to us in our every sight.

In the powerful beauty, harmony and complex interdependency of nature. In the inexplicable powers and capabilities within man, animals and plants. In the miracle of birth, growth, decay and death. In the supernatural powers of saints and holy men. In the architectural beauty of atoms, molecules, and crystalline structures. In art, music, dance, religion, science, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. In the innate wisdom of a child. In our universal thirst for love, peace, truth, righteousness and brotherhood. In everything that moves - for we do not know how it moves or who moves it.

In the bodies we are living in, which digests food, circulates blood, breathes and carries out millions of functions, while we are waking, sleeping and dreaming, and we have no idea how all this is happening.

In the super human achievement of the great athletes and the excellence of great minds. In the overwhelming beauty of a small bud, a plant, a child as it manifests into this world out of no where. In the pieces of earth, minerals, atoms and molecules which develop into exquisite life forms which feel, think, move, talk, love, create and grow continually in awareness and understanding.

Every object, energy, movement and consciousness we experience is simply a manifestation of the Universal Divine Consciousness.

We cannot see the Divine, but there is nothing that we can see which is not a result of Its underlying presence.

From the book "Contemporary Parables"
by Robert Elias Najemy

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