Is it possible that one little word could change your life AND the world? You hear the word “we” all the time. In fact it is one of the most commonly used words in many languages. When we use it there is never a question of what we mean. There is an implied meaning in it that we all understand without having to think about it. And that is the problem. Because it is so ordinary, we don’t see the extraordinary power it could have for us! We never think about what “WE” really means and implies. I invite you to take a closer look at it, to see the power found in it, and to think about how this one little word might impact your life and the world if we utilized the power within it.

In general, the word “WE” implies connection, commonality, and cooperation. It is a word that ties two or more people together through characteristics, actions, and purposes. For example, WE are going to work together, or WE want to find happiness. When used in the context of “we, as human beings,” it reminds us of our powerful connection and unites us with each other. It reminds us that we are all in this together. What else could this little word mean for us?

When we use the word “we” to group us together, it implies equality. It means there is no one superior or inferior to another. We are the same in inherent value and potential. It helps us respect one another as an equal being to ourselves, no matter what the differences in us might be.

We would not fear one another because “we” implies we are for one another rather than against. We are in agreement and in harmony. We would not need to worry ourselves with fear of what others might think of us or do to us. We would feel free to be our true selves without trying to impress or mislead. We could have a much deeper connection with others in our relationships. Without fear, we could develop trust and faith in one another and in ourselves.

We would never be alone for “we” means more than one. Whenever we are going through something difficult, we could remember that we are not alone. That others are going through the same things that we are. That others are there for us. That there is always someone there to help us in whatever way we need. We would feel love and support in our lives. Using the word “we” means we are part of great team. We have others who will care for us, love us, help us, and support us through difficult times and in our efforts as well. The more we share our love, the more we feel it within ourselves.

As “we” are not enemies with one another, we would strive harder to understand and to forgive each other. We would feel more compassion and empathy toward each other. We would understand the mistakes of others and ourselves better and be able to overcome them.

As part of this great team, we would see that each member of the team is important. Therefore, we would understand our significance and that of others. Each has something to offer the rest, and each member is important. If we remembered this, we would be more concerned with being outstanding than with standing out. We would embrace our responsibility to contribute or to do our part and we would feel gratitude for one another and the contributions others make in our lives. Through the interdependence that “we” helps us to remember, we become empowered and motivated to serve which leads us to discover our true selves and our true purpose in life.

Lastly and perhaps most important, we would discover our link to a Higher Power. Seeing ourselves as one big team working together to help each other get through this life, we would sense the divinity of it all. We would feel part of a grand plan and design. And as we use the word “we” to group ourselves with this Higher Power, we would become unstoppable in confidence and capability.

Did you ever think that this tiny word could mean so much? I know I didn’t, and it took me a long time of studying it and testing it out to believe it. But the more I studied it, the more evident it was and not just in my own life. We can see the power in “we” throughout all of time in art, history, philosophy, religion, etc. When people come together in peace and love, unlimited power forms within them and among them. “We” allows us to access the power within us, the power within others, and a Higher Power which helps us to overcome anything, achieve anything, and change everything!

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