As you spend another Saturday night glued to the television, don’t expect Mr. or Mrs. Right to walk through the screen. Without setting goals to locate the love of your life, you'll continue to remain lonely until you put your best foot forward by outlining a plan for success. One of the best ways to open new doors for relationships is to seek out situations that add a little spice in your life.

It is highly suggested that you work on personal development and exercise better social skills that allows you to meet a fresh crop of good friends who may later turn into great companions and lovers. Below you will find a few suggestions on how to set goals for romantic relationship searching:

1) Look Around You

One of the most common ways that people forge new friendships is by tapping into their own cluster of close friends and family members, as their immediate social connections can provide a gateway to a whole new dating pool. You never know when you will find the next love of your life by asking your best friends, siblings, co-workers, and neighbors if they know of any single, available friends. You'd be surprised how many people have found husbands and wives in a blind date.

2) Join a Social Group

Make it a point to seek out a social group or "club" that shares the same interests as you. The advantage of joining this sort of "community" is that whoever is a part of the group already shares something in common with you, which makes for great conversation. This is one of the easiest ways to never run out of things to say because you will always have a platform of discussion to rely on.

Many people develop love interests within these types of groups, which often meet on a regular basis. Today, a wide-range of social groups exist, including interests regarding sports, theater shows, politics, scrap booking, photography, and gardening. In many cities, bereavement meetings have served as an effective way for widowers and widows to find a new lease on life.

3) Get Active for a Cause

The passion and intensity in fighting for a cause or volunteering your time with a charity is a good quality to find in a companion. Usually, those who are active in such activities are kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and motivated. When you share this same drive – sky is the limit for you and a new romantic interest. Whether you wish to save the rainforests, cure cancer, fight pollution, or eradicate illiteracy, this same determination can be used to forge a long-lasting bond with another. There are plenty of ways to fulfill this goal, as many clubs, not-for-profit groups, organizations, charities, and churches are situated in every hometown.

4) Be Patient

New relationships, especially the kind that end in romance take time to cultivate and although the process seems to take longer than you would like – you must stay realistic in your goals for finding love. It's not uncommon to experience a long stretch of time before meeting up with a worthy candidate. Also, once you find a satisfying friendship, it is important not to rush into or force a romantic relationship.

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