I stumbled into the eBook writing business when I self-published Powerfully Recovered! and an eBook came with the package. Much to my surprise, the eBook makes up about 20% of my sales and seems to lead maybe 3% of the eBook buyers into buying the hard cover version.

But I really didn't expect the ebook business to take off until there was a decent reader. And I thought we'd have that long before now-you know, something I could take to the beach and even into the bathtub to read. That hasn't happened. It will, but we're not there yet.

I was wrong.

My next effort was How to Write A Non-Fiction Book Proposal through an ebook publisher, and I made some more money.

In other words, in spite of my skepticism, folks have decided ebooks are a tremendous value, even if they have to read them on less than desirable computer screens, even tinier Pocket PC screens or print out bulky copies.

The 2 Ways eBooks Can Make You Money

There are now two ways I make money with eBooks, and as a freelance writer you can do the same:

1 - offer your own eBooks

2 - write eBooks for others

Either way you'll have to know some things, including:

+ How to get a book written, although eBooks can be much shorter than hard copy books.

+ How to convert your files into .pdf and html.

+ How to set up the eBook for sale on the web.

Of course, if you simply ghost an eBook you may not need to know about conversion and sales, but you're more likely to get eBook ghosting contracts if you do. And being able to convert a ghosted book into eBook format is a nice addition to your skills.

You can find everything you need with searches on Google, or you can buy the eBook I wrote - You CAN Make Money With eBooks - and save yourself some time and trouble.

Any Subject Can Work for an eBook

It's amazing what sorts of subjects can be produced and sold as eBooks. I recently completed the first go 'round of an ebook for a client. He has a captive audience which he will sell to first and then, based on that experience, we will recreate the book for a more general audience. (It's Understanding Appliance Installation if you're curious.)

Let your mind soar. What do you love? What are you curious about? There is at least one eBook you can write in there somewhere.

Write well and often,


Author's Bio: 

Anne Wayman has been freelance writing for over 30 years. Among other things she is the Guide to Freelance Writing at About.com