In the past, the television was only distributed by cable, by satellite, or by terrestrial systems. The primary models for Internet television are streaming Internet TV or selectable video on an Internet location, typically a website.

Today -- with the increase in Internet connection velocities, the advances in the technology, the increase of the total number of people in line, and of the decrease in costs of connection -- has come be increasingly more common to find the traditional television pleases accessible freely and legally on the Internet. Besides this, new content of the television of Internet-Only has appeared that is not distributed way cable, way the satellite, neither way terrestrial systems.

Internet television utilizes the connections of the Internet to deliver video of a source to a device of the objective. Some of the ways in which Internet they delivered the television is utilized includes:

* looking at in a television to regulate (way a direct connection of a computer or a Fixed-First box), or in a computer, or in a portable device (just as a cell one)

* Showing a channel "lives" (as a regular TV, or permits al spectator to choose an exposition for look at to request (“Video-on-Demand" or VOD).

* seeing something of low budget, at home productions of video camera to costly professional productions

* The Reciprocal publicity

The middle maintains the very wide variation, keeping in mind copy the currents or the currents protected that can be registered. The sources of the television of the Internet can be free, the subscription- or fee-based, or maintained by announcements.

The barriers to the widest adoption of the television of the Internet in the past have been running the limitations of the technology and the width of band. The matter of the width of band signified chiefly that runs utilized width of low band and that resulted in poor quality. The project of BBC Dirac tries to direct the technological barriers creating a scalable one, of great quality, freed codec to run the content video on the network.

When the Internet television comes be more penetrating, some companies have done the efforts to develop the broadcast of existing channels of pay-television to regular television sets on the network, al to retain the control on how the middle is utilized. Such control is required to protect existing the subscription and the models of the business of payment by vision. Additionally, there is the matters of the royalty associated with the distribution of all media. The challenges lie to try to maintain the protections of a royalty and the associated incomes with himself, al to move to another model of the delivery for the video.

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