Everything we say to someone else is taken differently than intended. Even if you think you “know” the person, they might be in a different spot than the last time you made a similar comment.

It is easier if you just start saying things to yourself in a way that is always uplifting and promising towards your wants. Then you will learn to ask others what they want and not just say things to them, because maybe you were taught silence is not pleasant.


Progress not Perfection

I have heard for years in 12 step programs: Progress not Perfection. Why? I was born perfect as was everyone else and it is my role in the universe to unveil that perfection by the progress I make at each process I choose. Yes, each of us is born perfect but the human race as a whole, cloud this perfection with unbalance and limiting beliefs.

I have changed this to an unlimited view on myself:

I AM progressing towards my already existing perfection!

Now there is a Positive Affirmation if I have ever heard or trained someone on.


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Carrie, as an Author, Artist, Speaker and workshop facilitator is the founder of Live From Within. Live From Within is a means by which Carrie uses her many years of experience as an Energy Coach and Healing Practitioner to assist others in finding their internal truth while helping them recognize the inner powers that have always existed.

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Carrie resides in the mountainous backdrop of Colorado with her husband and four pets. She discovered her Universal Flow in that peaceful setting.

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