Your heart can’t be weak, STAND on what you want! Don’t look backwards, to the side, or down. Don’t sway, complain, wish, or doubt! Reaching your destination takes 100% of your confidence.

Knowing that your desired results will be there without any doubts… is called faith! Believing in the unseen. Your faith and belief must be coupled with action. Have you met a great entertainer, who refuses to pick up their instrument and perform? It’s in the actions that turn your dreams, thoughts, and ideas into reality! What good are pumpkin seeds to a farmer in his pocket? Doesn’t he have to go out with his seeds (talents), and do some planting (taking action)?

Your Actions make you, not the titles you pickup along the way. Let your actions speak for you! Most people are void of actions because they experience the feeling their chasing, by speaking of the things desired. Your desire to actually accomplish or achieve disappears, because the emotional gratification has been reached through words. You see there is only two ways of expression, verbally or physically. How many times have you had a great idea, shared it with the world and you lacked the follow through? What happened? You shared it with many people, and they said it was a great idea. Why didn’t you make it happen? It’s because you experienced the emotional feeling you were looking for by speaking of it instead of doing it!

You will have distractions that will come in the form of your most desired pleasures, yet each time you dig into that cookie jar, you will have to work much harder to build your momentum back! Detours are detrimental to us all. The wrong turn can cost you years, or hours, regardless it’s still a temporary setback. Beware some detours can cost you your goals! Many people are in relationships that pull from their creativeness rather than add to it. To prevent this from happening to you, find your happiness from within by hitting your goals.

I had a few thoughts today… yet they are are married in many ways. Thanks for reading :-)

Action: Show with actions not words

Kenneth R Williams

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Kenneth Williams is a self motivated and determined individual. Who believes people are in search of more, more substance out of life. Through his blog and website, his primary goal is to inspire others by giving his experiences and life lessons to the world! You can read more of his blog at