So South Africa is getting a new president, and it is probably the man that half of the country wants, while the other half of the country does not want him.

The criticism of this man has been as loud as the support for him. And both the support and the criticism ensured that enough energy was generated for his party to win, and probably for him to become president.

There have been lots of publicity covering the wishes of the followers of Mr Zuma, and also a group on the social website Facebook that wanted to get a million signatures against Mr Zuma.

How did this happen?

The Law of Attraction states that we must focus clearly on what we require, and then be willing and ready to receive. Once we meet all of these requirements, our wishes materialise because all the energy is used to attract to us exactly what we wanted.

And if most people in a country focus on a single person, then that person receives all that energy and grows stronger all the time.

Should the group on Facebook have been the counterpart of the followers of Mr Zuma to create balance? No.

The Universe does not judge. People judge. People spoke about and thought of Mr Zuma for months. Some people did this in a positive sense and added their positive judgement. Other people spoke of and thought of Mr Zuma in a negative sense, and added their negative judgement. The Universe does not respond to the positive and negative judgements. The Universe focuses energy on Mr Zuma, and that is where his strength lies.

The same is now happening with the swine flu that originated in Mexico. There is already talk of a pandemic in the UK, and according to the media, in the past two days the number of patients with swine flu has “more than doubled” – that is from two to five individuals out of a population of about 61 million people.

There is talk in the House of Commons about massive preventative measures to keep the swine flu virus at bay, but no talk about people being and remaining healthy. Guess what the effect will be?

What is the solution to these issues?

It is so simple. When you are faced with an unwanted person or situation, identify what it is that you want, and focus on getting what you want. Do not spare any thought for what you do not want. Remember that the Universe gives us exactly what we want, and does not even hear the judgement that we express.

What would be the best countermeasure for swine flu? An action group that focuses on excellent health, and that sends thoughts of excellent health into the Universe every day.

What would be the way to get the president that you want selected in a country? An action group that provides unconditional support for the person that you want selected.

In these instances, face masks and court cases are excellent ways to focus on what you do not want, and to then get exactly what you do not want. Of course that provides something else – more to complain about, and more negativity to focus on.

Now you can understand why I go out of my way to not watch the news and get sucked into the mass hypnosis and propaganda that becomes most people’s reality.

And that does not mean that I focus on not watching the news. I focus on creating slowly, step by step in more and more detail, on what I want for myself. That is a far more valuable way to spend my energy.

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Elsabe Smit is the author of for downloadable guided meditations, and of the blog, Spiritual interpretations of everyday life.