I recently had the pleasure of attending a 2 day intensive seminar called "A Course In Loving" with Stephen and Sonja, co-founders of Love Life Now, a personal development company that specializes in helping you to get, keep and grow love in your life.

Because I think loving relationships and self-love are such an important aspect to our wellness, and because they're such a sweet, fun loving couple with a genuine interest in helping couples and singles attract more love into their lives, I decided to interview Stephen and Sonja, to get inside their brains about love and relationships, and share it with you.

Stephen and Sonja's ***personal juicy tips*** for attracting and keeping loving relationships:

Interview with Stephen and Sonja Francis, Love Life Now Seminars

Q: How did you both decide to start Love Life Now?

We had some serious struggles early on in our marriage and we decided to get all the help we possibly could. We went to counseling, did a lot of personal development work: seminars, books, CDs, DVDs, you name it…. Through all that work, we learned and developed some really amazing relationship tools and techniques. Our marriage began to transform and that process has continued ever since.

After we had been on this path for a while, people started coming up to us, asking us what our secret was – were we newlyweds, and so on. It occurred to us that we could share both our mistakes and solutions with other couples and anyone who is invested in having a great long-term relationship. This was the genesis of Love Life Now.


Q: What do you cover in your seminars?

Everything we teach grows out of our motto: Live consciously, Love Consciously.
Most of what we know about relationships, we learned by the time we were 7 years old; we soak it up from our parents and other role models. Because young children cannot evaluate what they are learning, we end up with a lot of unconscious programming that runs our relationships for us. Our seminars are designed to break the grip of these unconscious patterns and give you the chance to rewrite the scripts you have been playing out.
In our 2-hour introductory seminar, for example, we give you a tool that helps to prevent those fights about “nothing” that plague so many relationships. We also teach a simple agreement that can restore peace when conflict breaks out. Since it takes more than just not fighting to make a great relationship, we also introduce a tool that we guarantee will make any relationship more joyful and loving.
In our weekend course we go into great depth to uncover what is really keeping you from having a juicy, joyous and totally satisfying relationship. We also share a number of simple tools for communicating in a loving and effective manner. Another tool we are very excited about helps you move past any negative emotion in minutes – sometimes seconds. By the time the weekend is done, you never have to get stuck in a negative emotional state ever again.


Q: What do you love most about what you do?

Sonja: It has been very satisfying to be able to give people new, conscious ways to be in their relationships and experience the joy and love we all deserve and want so much. If I can help others to have the love that Stephen and I experience on a daily basis, the world will be a better place. I am a romantic at heart and I love seeing people have love and joy in their lives.

Stephen: Some of our clients come to us believing that they are doomed in the area of relationships. I love watching them move from despair to hope, as they realize that they have been in a trance – and now they can learn new, conscious skills. It doesn’t have to be a repeat performance of a worn-out script.


Q: Is Love Life Now only for couples?

Absolutely not. Probably a third of our clients are singles and we get amazing feedback from them. Being able to step into a future relationship with confidence and ease makes all the difference in the world.
When you work on your own relationship skills, either the people already in your life show up as more loving and respectful or new people show up.


Q: In light of Valentine's Day, what are one or two juicy tips you'd like to share about attracting and keeping loving relationships?

Stephen: For attracting loving relationships, I recommend a tool that I believe helped Sonja come into my life.
Too often, we are very vague about what we would really like to have in a mate or life partner: “I just want a really great guy / girl who will love me”. Instead, write a list of the traits you want in your partner. When you have that list, boil it down to the 5 that are most important to you; making them as specific as possible. This could be: “Ready to have children. Financially self-sufficient. A great cook. Shared political outlook. Laughs from the belly”. You may also want a sub-list that includes 3 major deal-breakers “Smoker. Talks trash about his Mom. Not a dog person”. You are doing this right if it is fun and energizing.
This list activates the unconscious mind to start filtering the environment, looking for that person. When somebody shows up that fits the bill, you can immediately recognize them for the gem that they are. One last word, if an item on your list really matters to you, don’t settle.

Sonja: When it comes to keeping loving relationships, I think the most important thing is to remind yourself on a regular basis of the reasons you love your partner and the positive things they bring to your life.
Another tip: maintain eye contact whenever possible during discussions; this will help you remember that you are allies, not enemies.

And if you're in NYC and interested in finding out how you can attract more love into your life, Sonja and Stephen have two introductory Love Life Now 2-hour seminars coming up: "Live Consciously, Love Consciously" - Friday, March 6th at 6:45pm and Saturday, March 7th at 4pm.

Visit their website, www.lovelifenowseminars.com, for more details!

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