When we change our perspective, we can boost our mood. Practice giving thanks. Guess what? It doesn't cost you anything. No pill or alcohol is involved. No exercise necessary.
The more we internalize gratitude, research asserts, the more we take care of ourselves, feel happier and approach life in a more optimistic way.
It's also a stress buster. We all know stress can make you sick---cancer, high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases and other ilnesses are linked to negative thinking. Gratitude is linked to robust health.
It takes practice, but you can do it! Simply shift and re-shift your focus to the things that you are grateful for-physical and emotional health, clothes to wear and food to eat.
However, the trick si to match your gratitude to your unique circumstances. Some of you have overcome drug addiction, are the first in your families to attend college; some of you have overcome personal tragedies. Get specific.
Also, constantly remind yourself that no matter what circumstances you face there are benefits in it-- also known as "a silver lining in every cloud." That is the purpose of a challenge--to teach you life lessons so you can benefit.

How do you cultivate gratitude? Here are a few suggestions.
1. Keep a blessing book. Each night before going to bed,
review your day. Write down three things for which you
are grateful.
2. Create this habit, and you'll feel better about life and
more optimistic about your future.
3. Find the benefit. Whatever situations you're in, ask
yourself how am I reaping benefits from this? Write
this down in your journal. Review your journal everyday
and remind yourself how you are growing.
4. Watch your self-talk. This is so important, but few of us
are aware of how we talk to ourselves. Are you negative?
Do you complain a lot? Do you use powerless words such
as "I never...", "everybody can but me," or "I'm not
good...?" This constant barage of negativity saps your
emotional energy and vigor. Avoid it at all costs.

If you have a difficult time evaluating yourself, ask a close friend about the energy to the friendship. They'll tell
you, if they haven't already.
Change the way you look at circumstances, and you'll improve your mood. Keep your main focus on your blessings, and you'll discover you're blessed to the max!