A father had two sons and he loved each of them equally. The sons loved their father too. In front of their father, the two sons took to arguing amongst themselves. The bickering continued. Their voices became louder and louder. Finally one announced to the other that he was going to finish him with a fatal blow.

He reasoned that this brother of his was most troublesome. He believed that his father would be proud to see his courage and strength. He believed that his father would eagerly support him in bringing his difficult and less loved brother to an end. He believed he was right. He believed that it was his fathers will to remove this brother. This son knew that his father loved him.

And the father watched all this but said nothing.

The brother about to be smitten was not short of courage either and planned fully to defend himself. He believed his father, seeing this terrible abuse would rush forth and smite this aggressor. He knew his father loved him and would protect him. He prepared to fight back. Surely with his father by his side he could come to no harm. For his father had great powers. This son knew that his father loved him

And the father watched all this but said nothing.

The two sons took to fighting. Each was confident of victory. Each knowing that their father was supporting them in their quests. After much battle, each son was bloodied and in great pain.

And the father watched all this, but said nothing.

Finally the battle was over. Both adored sons lie dying at their father’s feet. These courageous sons lay dying for their father with great pride. Each knew they had honored their father by removing the other. As they gasped their last breath they anxiously awaited for their father to bestow his generosity and praises on them.

The father took each son by the hand, but said nothing.

As their last breath escaped from their blood filled lungs the father looked at them with love and compassion and wept.

And then the father spoke. “My sons! My sons! I have loved you with all my heart; I have loved you with all my love. Now you have taken away my most precious gifts. And while you now rest, I must endure this pain forever. Sleep my sons, sleep.”

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