The Magnificent YOU Sharon Walker
Dear Sharon,

I hear a lot about our unconscious mind being so much larger than our conscious mind and therefore it runs the show for me. I intend to change my health for the better and don’t feel my body is responding. Do you know how I can reprogram my unconscious to be more supportive?

-Thank you, Patti

A. Dear Patti,

Excellent question and a powerful gift of Knowledge to give yourself. One way I invite you to align your conscious and unconscious mind is to discover and use the powers of forgiveness and gratitude. Think of ways you can forgive yourself and your body. Your unconscious mind responds to frequency so please connect with your feelings of forgiveness and gratitude as you play with this process.

You can use these suggestions or create your own. Forgive your body for not responding to your efforts. Forgive your body for holding you back in any way. Forgive yourself for not appreciating your body and what it does for you. Forgive yourself for putting other priorities before self care. Forgive yourself for not exercising or exercising too much that tears your body down. Forgive yourself for taking small shallow breaths that bring little life into your body. Forgive yourself for the thoughts you feed your body consistently with that support unhealthy energies for your body to work with. Go into any body part or system that is weak or in pain and forgive it. As you play with this intention and energy of forgiveness more will be revealed to you. Fashion this forgiveness to your special situation.

Next, spend time in gratitude for your body. Again, please make up your own gratitudes or use these to prime the pump. Tell your body you are grateful for it. You are grateful for all it does every day that does work to keep you alive. Be in gratitude for all your organs, organ systems, energy systems, fluids, and cells that are working 24 hours a day without gratitude or even consciousness on your part. Be grateful for the "living breath" you breathe and brings life to every aspect of your being. Be grateful for the ways it may hold you back and ask to discover and receive the gift this may bring into your life. Honor that your body and each of its parts has a soul, body and mind and can heal itself. Spend time in gratitude for all your senses – seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, tasting, knowing and all the wondrous things you experience because of them. Be grateful for your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles that create movement and support you. Be grateful for your immune system and your body’s ability to release waste and toxins. Keep going on and on with your gratitude.

I also invite you to explore, with forgiveness and gratitude, your thoughts and your emotions that you energetically feed your body with. Finally, consult with your soul/spirit in forgiveness and gratitude. As you do this every day, notice what starts happening in your body.

I am delightfully available to expand on this process and support you in your mastery of lovingly transforming your subconscious patterns.

Your Magnificence Coach,

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Walker is a passionate, fun, Master Spiritual Life Coach, acupressure therapist and author. Her amazing “touch” brings light to clients helping them design their life events, and shift contrasts into gifts of Spirit. Sharon’s joy and enthusiasm for life is contagious and those engaging with her find their entire being energized - thus the name "EnergEcstasy" for her business. Sharon uses collaboration with Spirit, Spiritual Life Coaching, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, Melchizedek Method practices, soul spa, energy management, meditation and other energetic and spiritual e tools to support clients in their life processes. Sharon is a member of the ECBP group that has co-authored “Special Report: Spirit in Business.” She is a cancer survivor and recently moved into her own dream house. As your coach, Sharon knows the "journey" and practices the tools of life while partnering with Goddess/Spirit.