As rewarding as it may be, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to be a confident soul, to go through each day smiling confidently and being happy with the decisions you have made during that day. When people offer constructive criticism, accept it gracefully and as always keep the bits that belong to you and lose the rest!! The confident you will take a risk and knows how to handle life's challenges. You are self-assured, carry yourself with dignity and believe in respect for all having learned to respect yourself. Within you there are amazing moments of confidence and I would like to offer you further ways to increase that confidence.

K n o w Y o u r W o r t h

Remember always what makes you a valuable parent, spouse, friend, guide, brother or sister and so on and so forth. Do not focus on shortcomings focus on the worth you have to offer. You may be funny, organized, honest, intelligent, and reliable and you may have many special skills, which you possess. You may be a writer, creator or artistic or you may be a listener or a healer or counselor but I expect you are all of these things at various times only you just do not realize it at that moment. You have a unique quality that makes you valuable to someone else. How many lives did you touch today without even knowing it, in the telephone call you made, the smile you gave at the bus stop or the way you simply laughed out loud which may have brought a smile to the face of another. Know your strengths and be proud of them.

L i v e Y o u r B e s t L i f e

Living your life with integrity. This requires you to know yourself well and to love and respect yourself. To have values in your life and know the importance of those values, is a great way to respect self. Simply knowing that you are honoring your authentic self encourages you to sleep, eat and treat yourself well. Surely, that is a great way to remind yourself daily that you wish to live your best life with love and self-respect.

A c t i n g i n C o u r a g e

To increase your confidence challenge yourself often, facing fears and acting in courage are a great way to build that confidence. Do you fear failure, making mistakes, someone laughing at you. It is all right to feel fear but do it anyway and feel the confidence that will rise in your chest. Fear is nothing more than False Expectation Appearing Real and if you face it then it will go.



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About The Founder of TAYO HEALING from the ROOTS.
Tayo resides in Kent, England - her primary aim is to provide healing for the mind body and spirit through spiritual growth and knowledge providing the essential tools to live your best life.
A Spiritual Healer for more than 20 years she has developed her own unique style of healing and heals from the ROOTS up where she believes all energies positive or negative start. As a medium who has studied both spiritual and psychological areas, she is a naturopathic doctor and member of the ICHM, IMP and PHPA, qualified in Hypnosis Psychotherapy, Past Life Studies, and Crystal Healing with 20 years experience as a Counselor and Sacred Space Consultant. She has spent the last ten years in private practice healing and counseling people from all lifestyles and encouraging them to live an excellent life.