When are we going to start having more fun in life, laugh more, tell more jokes, and enjoy who we are without being addicted to a harmful substance as so many are these days? I've been thinking about this lately — perhaps watching a little too much TV cable network news has been the reason, and what follows is me talking to myself and you, if you have time to read this article, listening in. Here goes!

The subconscious mind (with apologies to Freud), in my view, does not exist. The subconscious designation was a fiction of Freud’s and it scared a lot of people in its day and the idea “the subconscious” contains irrational and dark impulses that could rise up at any time, overtake us, and destroy our lives by making us do things our rational mind would never allow is still pretty scary stuff. Old man Freud just won’t go away!

Supposedly, in hypnosis, the conscious mind is either put to sleep or diverted to the point that the subconscious mind in us can be addressed. This sleep or diversion enables the hypnotist to implant suggestions, for good or bad, that are acted upon.

Now if the subconscious does not exist, and I have no doubt scientists will never find one in our body, nor will they find a conscious mind inside us, then hypnosis is addressing what? The conscious mind inside us? No. The subconscious inside us? No. Mind is non-local which means it spreads out possibly to the ends of the universe. Rupert Sheldrake talks about Morphogenic fields that our thoughts, ideas, and images give birth to, and M-fields that contain blueprints of who we are to become when conceived.

Are Sheldrake’s M-fields Mind? Conscious Mind? Subconscious Mind? I doubt it because I’m convinced they are certainly not Universal Mind or the Mind of God except that they are the Mind of God but a little further removed from it.

My guess is that when we are hypnotized, the hypnotist is diverting our conscious attention so that we are able to focus on a larger portion of creation than we normally do. Is the field of energy thought about us put to sleep when the hypnotist says “You are going deeper and deeper into sleep as I count from 5,4,3,2,1”? I don’t think so. Our attention is focused on his or her words, or an object, and this focus, this narrowing down somehow expands our awareness to a bigger slice of the creation picture than everyday life allows.

When suggestions are implanted by the hypnotist who is listening? A subconscious mind inside our heads? If the whole universe is alive with information then the hypnotist is addressing, by his specific words and phrases, the information field about us which I suspect is alive, which means it’s aware and it’s awareness is our awareness because awareness is everywhere in the cosmos. The universe teems with awareness and intelligent thought its building block.

Illness, disease, poverty, anger, war – these are all located in specific fields about us and the hypnotist’s words act like a law of attraction to instantaneously awaken us and draw to us the specific field or matrix of pre-existing thoughts from mass consciousness so that phrases like “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better” are amplified and draw to themselves like phrases, imagery, and scripts of health, healing, happiness, wealth and prosperity. Health vs. sickness and poverty vs. wealth may be the result of which information field our vibrational antenna is tuned to. There are cancer fields people, somehow, become tuned to. There are MS fields and Alzheimers fields, accident proneness fields, as well as serendipity fields. The result is a biological/chemical/cellular situation that seems to have originated in the soma or body but is nothing more than a mirror reflecting attunement.

Does the hypnotist’s suggestions “tickle” the whirling, vibrating atoms of an entirely different field from the one that has caused one’s poverty, sickness, or just plain bad luck?

Our lives may be a mirror reflection of the information field we are looking into. We, being the observer that observes so that we are free to “field channel switch” depending on whatever our inclination is at a specific juncture or key seed moment in our life. The words of the hypnotist may, by focusing the subject’s attention on a previously unnoticed information field, be the equivalent of making the choice to change channels on one’s inner television set until a show one wants to see (and believe in) appears. Once you’re a believer, results — when the emotions are powerful enough — usually follow pretty quickly. This might be the equivalent of what Stephen Weinberg called raising your core vibration (vibrating to lower frequency fields and hence attracting what previous generations have given birth to and stored in them for our experiencing “enjoyment” once the people who birthed them are gone from the scene, or raising our core vibration to take in fields of joy, health, healing, peace, serenity, appreciation which also, as thought forms, have been birthed by the thought forms of previous generations. Since these thoughts are alive and we may “catch” them like a virus (good or bad), we begin to see we live in a universe where no thoughts are hidden (even those of the dead) and we are all interconnected and our psyches tied together in invisible information energy threads that amazingly transmit and receive information instantaneously, even to the outermost reaches of the cosmos.

So hypnosis, instead of hypnotizing a non-existent subconscious mind inside our heads, hypnotizes or puts to sleep our awareness of certain information fields that are of such low frequency that they never work for our good when we are attuned to them and awakens us to other latent or dormant (to our awareness) information fields that will feed, nourish, and prop up our life energy and give us wealth and happiness when we awaken them from their dormant (to our awareness) state. We awaken, in hypnosis and then by suggestion, that which we wish our lives to become a mirror image of.

That, I suspect, is how hypnosis works.

Hypnosis is a trance state. Everyone is in some form of trance. It is called sleep. Some people awaken early in life from the trance state they are in and see through the delusions that mass consciousness has attempted to program into them. This awakened state is not sleep. Most people should probably be left to sleep, because if they don’t get enough of it, they’ll be grumpy or someone’s problem all their lives.

I’ve learned that when you focus on what you want, you tend to go after it or, by the magic of what I call the configuration of events, it shows up and goes after you. In other words, it’s as if that which is sought solves a missing person’s report and finds you after searching all the data fields in the universal computer, what I call the invisible energy threads of information about you that’s out there (there are few, if any secrets since we’re all interconnected).

This world, at its present level of vibration, resonates very low because most people are generating thousands of thought forms every day that originate from self-preservation fears as well as the meta levels of greed (when basic survival and safety needs are satisfied, as Maslow pointed out),

Fear, like a homing device, finds associated fear thoughts and imagery out there in the vast unseen and the transmission of those fear forms to us, it appears, is instantaneous. There is no exchange of energy to move information from many points out there in the vast void into our body where the effect is felt all over and our autonomic nervous system reacts to these amplified and numerous thought forms. Cells begin to break down and collapse because we can only carry so much strain and so many invisible burdens and upsets to which we angrily react (or suppress). Our body knows because, in time, it shows you the results not only of your own misguided thought forms (which obviously are not working for you or you’d be happier) as well as those of mass consciousness we are attuned to.

I wish I could say all the thought forms out there in the fields, as well as inside us, wee sane, a source of joy and happiness. But we have all missed the mark of harmonious alignment with the best of the best that can be imagined in the universe and instead these thought forms contributed a flock of delusions to the voiceovers running underneath a warehouse of cosmos encompassing scripts.

We fell from grace early in life because we didn’t know what to do. We got scared and our being scared frightened us so much that we went the route of “protecting” ourselves by installing a wall of paralyzing thought forms and emotions and deriving from what’s outside as well as inside us.

Most of our lives are spent trying to undo what we have done to ourselves, unlearning and dropping almost all that we think we have known that we finally see is clearly not working for us any more.

When we are hypnotized I wonder if the induction doesn’t put to sleep certain self-defeating fields of low frequency information — they can no longer get through and bombard us with their messages — and we find, at last, a certain peace that allows our awareness to expand and encompass what has been latent and dormant (to us, because they are highly active and energetic) high frequency information. This may be what the writer Colin Wilson calls access to inner worlds, although these fields appear, for the sake of dealing with them, to be outside us.

The hypnotist’s voice, if convincing, goes with us and replaces previous voiceovers (our inner talk) with better written scripts that activate and attract into our awareness thoughts of “Yes, I can do that. All things are possible now. Doors open. Opportunities beckon. I feel well for the first time in years. I feel alive!”

Spiritually, could this occurrence be something like when Jesus said, “And when the spirit of truth is come, you will be led and guided into all truth”? Finally, raising our vibrational signal attracts to us the Spirit of All That Is and we are led and guided into all we need to know to live a life of the kingdom of heaven within. You know it is within you because your outer life mirrors it! That’s how you know your life has shifts — because now you can honestly say, “My life, at last, is working!”

If the universe is healthy it is because its immune system is healthy. We keep on polluting it as we do and one day it will be frail and arthritic like too many elderly people in our nursing homes. There may come a time when all that can be done for our planet is Hospice care — take care of the patient and let it pass away with dignity.

There is growing evidence that if we can identify early, from blood samples or higher tech machinery that scans the brain and body, interventions can be made and a disease will, possibly, cease to progress in its early stages and disappear. Energetically we can even scramble its frequencies until — poof! — the health issue no longer exists. Maybe we can even go back in time to what Dr. William Braud calls “seed moments” and intervene before the disease gets up and running and gains strength or force.

Braud says you cannot change what has already happened in the past but you can change what will happen before it does, the future influencing the past, making certain the disease never occurs at all. Something better takes place instead, especially if we learn how to do a better pre-intervention.

Still, I wonder if there isn’t a simpler way of getting more yeses, of making our life work the way we want it to. Isn’t it easier to start with All That Is and say, “Look, you can make it easier.” We don’t have to understand how the engine of the universe runs — it started, which is all I need to know to drive it. “Let me ask for what I want and all you have to do is dispense with enough of your essence to make it easy for wealth to appear, for me to be well and healthy. Give us clarity so we can know what our lives are about, what to ask for and then allow us to have a lot of yeses like banners waving in the wind.”

“As long as we are here on earth, why not allow us to attract people who live at a frequency level that makes us glad and joyous to be in their presence and they in ours?”

Most people I know do not regularly feed and nourish the human spirit. I wish they did but they don’t: too caught up in themselves and unable to even plan a deftly executed escape from their cognitive jail cells. We have no idea that the “shut” doors were never locked, yet we live as if they were.

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James worked for years in Texas as a TV news anchor, talk show host, news producer, and feature story reporter. About 400 of his 2,000 stories about unique people and places he traveled to were uplinked by satellite and seen globally. He's currently working on establishing a new kind of global TV news network. For more about James go to jamesclaytonnapier.com or write him at ithreads@sbcglobal.net