How many of your goals are ‘radishes’ and how many are ‘acorns’?

In our quest to set and achieve goals we actually grow our Garden of Goals with many different types of seeds. How boring it would be to have a garden of just squash!

So what is a ‘radish’ goal and what is an ‘acorn’ goal? Well I’ll tell ya….

There is a Universal “Law of Gestation”. When the egg is fertilized in the mother’s womb, a baby does not pop out the next day! Hmmm, some of us mothers may want to renegotiate with the Universe the part about stretch marks, several waddling trips to the bathroom every night, not seeing your feet for several months, a uterus that feels like a worn out soccer ball and that ‘pushing’ exercise at the culmination of this ‘period of gestation’ which leaves one feeling like she has just played all seven games of the World Series with only a gasp for breath between games.

OK, back to the vegetable garden. Take the radish seed. It’s tiny, isn’t it? You don’t have to plant it very deeply in the soil, within a very short time it will have sprouted and is showing you some green above ground. In fact, within very few days you will be able to eat a plump, red, crispy radish. Not too much patience required here.

Of course there are a few things you have to do before you can have that experience. You must nurture the seed with water and sunshine and keep invading weeds from choking it.

Your ‘radishes’ are your little goals, great ones with which to begin and practice the goal setting and achieving process. Can you think of some ‘radish seeds’ that you might plant in your Garden of Goals right now? Remembering the “Law of Gestation”, you will know that you have to nurture the seeds with affirmations such as writing your goal every day or saying it to yourself several times a day especially when you first awaken and just before sleep at night. The weeds of old limiting beliefs must also be plucked out.

You will need to dream about the final product, picture the perfect roundness of your radishes, the pure red colour, the juicy crunch as you bite into it and the delectable warmth in your mouth as it ‘bites’ you back.

Because your radish goals have a short period of gestation you receive your reward in quick time. This helps build your confidence in the goal process, helps you shove some of those limiting beliefs off the page of your life.

It’s great to start with small, fairly easily achievable goals! Not too easy now…always give yourself a stretch.

Lots of articles can tell you what to do, but there is nothing like “Rev Up to Coaching” to personalize and have you rapidly reach your own goal adventure!

Acorns….. What’s that all about? I’m sure some of you are a jump ahead of me right now and have figured it out, but humour me and let me go on.

An acorn is a very large seed, would you agree? And what does it produce? The Mighty Oak tree, of course. When this seed is planted you have made a lengthy commitment, it needs to be planted more deeply, nurtured much longer. This seed will not germinate and produce a sprout within a few short days. You cannot dig it up just to see what is happening without killing it. It is a longer period of gestation. More patience and faith is required here. Good thing you’ve practiced with radishes!

Of course, your acorn seeds are your most grand goals. The ones for which your radish goals help you prepare, build your foundation. Once that oak sprout appears it never stops producing something, new branches, new leaves, new acorns. It becomes a home for birds and animals and insects, it provides shade and shelter and oxygen. It cleans the air and stands in awesome beauty. It is worth the wait, for the reward is enormous!

What is an ‘acorn goal’ for you?

Once you begin setting and achieving goals (growing radishes and oak trees) you will find that some of the radishes will go to seed, a great thing (!) because in this process more and more seeds (goals) are produced with less and less effort on your part.

The oak tree trunk becomes thicker and stronger and almost effortlessly produces more acorns that will produce more oak trees without you even having to plant them. In other words you begin to live an ‘unconscious’, goal-oriented life. You have become ‘unconsciously competent’.

Ponder this…if you were to slice a radish seed and an acorn in half, what would you see inside? A radish? An acorn? Of course not. What you would ‘see’ is the radish/acorn potential. Your Goal Garden is full of potential!

I suggest your Goal Garden has a mixture of radishes and acorns. The radishes help you keep the faith and the acorns keep reminding you that you have your roots deeply and firmly planted in belief. And like the ever new oak branches, leaves, etc. you grow great goals always keeping in mind the immutable LAW OF GESTATION.

(c) Lynn Moore 2008

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