In Emotional Fitness coaching, we often use the Time Capsule, which is one of the most empowering of all our tools. In the Time Capsule, we invite you to take a look at a current incident, behaviour or feeling that is having an impact on you through the eyes of your own inner child. The dialogue that goes on between your adult and your child self is one of the most revealing and insightful conversations you will ever have.

What occurs time and again is that the real sage within turns out to be that child self, giving us the guidance that not only resonates more clearly than any advice anyone else would give us, but also happens to be exactly the right action for us to take.

My personal experience of the Time Capsule the first time I used it was that I completely changed an internal message I had carried for thirty years, which was that I had an unhappy childhood because close family members had died before I was ten years old. Once I revealed to myself the fact that I’d had a happy, love-filled childhood before that time, I opened up my heart to possibilities in my life that allowed me to move to the place I’m in today.

My five-year-old self became my greatest motivator and guru. Who is yours?

In Peace

Warren Redman

Author's Bio: 

Warren Redman trained in the UK as a psychotherapist, facilitator and coach and has developed his own unique style of Emotional Fitness Coaching. He is president of the Emotional Fitness Institute (formally the Centre for Inner Balancing), writing about, teaching and coaching people in Emotional Fitness. He is the author of fifteen books, including the Award-winning The 9 steps to Emotional Fitness, Achieving Personal Success and Recipes for Inner Peace.

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