My guess is that our souls are transforming all the time, even though, like our bodies, they still remain identifiably us. There are occasions when we may consciously recognize a shift in our very being, that is to say, in the soul. Those occasions are usually traumatic or highly significant ones, ones which cause us deep emotional disturbance whether positive or negative. They include falling in or out of love, having a great success or failure, the birth of your baby, the death of a parent, the sight of a snow-capped mountain or the washed up carcass of a whale.

Sometimes you may notice a transformation of the soul as your grief turns to anger and your anger turns to rage and your rage turns to tears and your tears turn to depression and your depression turns to healing and your healing turns to happiness. Each of these expressions of emotion is an altered state of being.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail discussed the desire for happiness leading to a spate of “happiness professionals” – people who take it upon themselves to peddle happiness as though it’s something you can buy off the shelf and as though it is the only acceptable condition for humans to be in.

Emotional Fitness isn’t about just being happy. It is about the experience of who we are, feelings and all. Notice the richness of your emotion and you will notice more of who you really are. Share the richness of your emotion and you invite others to experience their own. Soul transformation is easier than you think.

In peace

Warren Redman

Author's Bio: 

Warren Redman trained in the UK as a psychotherapist, facilitator and coach and has developed his own unique style of Emotional Fitness Coaching. He is president of the Emotional Fitness Institute (formally the Centre for Inner Balancing), writing about, teaching and coaching people in Emotional Fitness. He is the author of fifteen books, including the Award-winning The 9 steps to Emotional Fitness, Achieving Personal Success and Recipes for Inner Peace.

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