What are you thoroughly sick of?

You feel that if it continues on in your life you are going to explode!

You feel powerless in the grip of this, you don’t know where to turn and it’s all you can think of most of the time. You feel like you are going in circles and can’t break out into a straight line that will take you somewhere else.

Would you believe me if I told you there is a rapid way out? That it can happen in an instant? And that you are in complete control?

Well you can believe it. I know because I have done it and it works. The only problem with it is remembering that it is available to you!

Most likely this miserable circumstance isn’t just something that involves you and you alone. There will be other people’s comments and behaviour, over which you seem to have absolutely no influence, keeping you locked into it.

The one and only thing you can do to change this uncomfortable, unhappy state of being is to “Flip Your Switch”.

Start by Visualizing your brain.

Now visualize your brain after you have ‘Flipped the Switch’!

I like the second brain. How about you?

Lots of articles can tell you what to do, but there is nothing like “Rev Up to Coaching” to personalize and have you rapidly reach your own goal adventure!

So let’s begin helping you learn how simple it is to just flip the switch and change your unwanted state of mind.

Step 1: It begins with making a decision. A decision that you ARE now going to take your power back from this ‘thing’ that is sucking the life out of you. Go ahead, make that decision now and mean it.

Step 2: Change your mental state by changing your physical state. Where do you usually sit at the table to eat? Change to another spot. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Change to the other side. If you go walking change the route and if you don’t go walking, start. Watch different TV programs (try PBS for a change), and switch where you sit to watch, if you don’t exercise start with just one small exercise like holding a soup can in each hand and do bicep curls for 2 minutes. Change the time you go to bed or get up even it it’s only by 15 minutes. Part your hair on the other side. This list can go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

For now, just change the way you are sitting or breathing. See how easy that is? It’s just that easy to ‘flip your mental switch’.

Step 3: Find that place within that is still and silent. You will know where you can physically go to allow that stillness and silence to find YOU. Now do these three things:

a) Ask “On a scale of 1-10 (10 being fed up to the teeth), how sick am I of this life-sucking situation?” If you score ‘10’ you are in the ideal place to ‘flip that switch”. If you score lower than 10, the switch is going to need some maintenance. Go back and suffer a bit more.

b) You already know what you don’t want. Now give words to what you do want. Start your statement with “I have…….” making it present tense.

c) Remember that the past is only a memory, the future is in the imagination and you only have power in the NOW. The NOW is the most precious. Your NOW thoughts attract your future NOWS.

Okay. You’ve made your decision, you’ve changed your physical state and you found that still, quiet place within. You’ve scored a ‘10’ on being sick, sick, sick of being stuck in this quicksand and said ‘yes’ to finding what you want and naming it, you are in full appreciation of the power of your NOW moments.

Guess what?

You’ve already ‘Flipped Your Switch”!!! Congratulations.

Take pen and paper and begin to write (or your computer and begin to type) all the good feelings and thoughts that will now flood your brain and how your behaviour and thinking processes have now abruptly changed and will remain so every day.

Ie: I live in gratitude every day
I LOVE myself
I praise the people I love every day
I forgive______
I trust________

And just keep going until you run out. You are replacing the old thoughts of ‘poor me’ with new, strong, positive thoughts.

Write them again every day keeping them in the NOW. Really FEEL the emotions they bring. The mind thinks in pictures not words.

All that’s left is to watch how these wonderful thoughts are attracting all things to your life that keep you unstuck and powerful.

Yes, most times it is easier to stay stuck. We think there is nothing we can do or it is too hard to change things. Now you know it is not. “Flipping Your Switch” is easy, instant and it feels incredible. It works, just make the decision!

(c) Lynn Moore 2008

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